Athletic Hairstyles for Any Age

By Kathryn M. D'Imperio

volleyball-hairstyleCreating the perfect pre-game hairdo can become a fun team tradition. Friends and teammates can bond before each game as they help each other toss their hair back into fun, athletic hairstyles.

Bangs and long hair can be troublesome if you are an athlete. Even short and medium length hair can get in the way while you play your heart out on the field or on the court. The constant tickle of your hair brushing against your face or getting in your eyes can be more than distracting; it can be downright aggravating. And quite honestly, how your hair looks is probably the last thing on your mind as you bolt toward that goal.

Not to worry, though. Several sporty hairstyles come to the rescue so you can focus on your game instead of your mane. Try micro-braids, double French braids, or pre-wrap - a stretchy, foamy material that trainers use for wrapping injuries and athletes use in their hair. You’ll get a no-fail style that keeps the hair out of your eyes and looks great!

Braids both big and small…

The twisting motion involved with braiding pulls the hair out of the face and tucks it down along the scalp. For a great athletic hairstyle using double braids, create an even part from your forehead to the nape of your neck with a comb. Tie one pigtail off to the side and work with the other, braiding it as tightly as you can. Fasten the braid with an elastic band. Now repeat for the other side. You may also wish to try this style with French braids.

French braids begin by using hair in smaller sections up at the scalp. Follow these steps to French braid your hair in two pigtails:

  1. Using the double braid method of parting your hair, start with the first pigtail.

  2. Up at the top of your head, take three individual, equal sections of hair and cross them one at a time into the center, first from one side and then the other. Pull evenly and tightly for best results.

  3. Now add a little bit of hair into the side you crossed first and pull that into the center.

  4. Do the same with the other side. Continue this process, gradually adding more and more hair to each section as you braid your hair to the ends.

  5. Fasten the completed braid with an elastic band.

  6. Now repeat this process for the second pigtail.

Another athletic hairstyle variation is the micro-braid approach. Simply braid a few tight mini-braids in the front of your head to pull all the wispies and bangs and loose strands together and away from your eyes and face. Create a row of tight micro-braids, fastening each with a tiny hair band or miniature rubber band. Continue this process for as long as you like. If you have a friend who is willing to help you, consider donning a whole head of micro-braids for a fun and funky look.

Both of these styles look great with pre-wrap headbands. You can add a pre-wrap headband to almost any hairstyle, and the greatest thing is that it keeps the hair out of your face without slipping and sliding around like normal headbands. Pre-wrap is stretchy and composed of a soft, foamy material that doesn’t hurt hair or the scalp