Free Pre-wrap!!! Comment here and enter to win!

Fill us in…how do you use pre-wrap?

Tell us how you use pre-wrap and win a chance to win a free roll!

Yes, it’s true! Every week we will give away a free roll of pre-wrap to one of our fans! Never tried pre-wrap? Now is your chance! We know people are crazy about pre-wrap – this week all you have to do is tell us how you use pre-wrap and be entered to win a free roll. (Of course, if you’ve never used it before – just say hi here and let us know you’re interested!)

Leave a comment here and be entered to win. Don’t forget to leave us with a valid email address so we can let you know if you’ve won.

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411 Responses to “Free Pre-wrap!!! Comment here and enter to win!”

  1. KM Says:

    My family lives overseas and they have no access to pre-wrap there. So during the winter when I went to visit them, I got my sister some (yes i ordered through this site..) and she loved it because soccer season was coming up!

  2. Lauren Powell Says:

    I am 10 and have every color. My prewrap always coordinates with my basketball gear!

  3. Amanda Says:

    I am obsessed with pre-wrap! I have many different rolls in different colors and share them with my friends on my team. At the end of the season I gave all the girls on the team a roll of pre-wrap and they all loved it. I play volleyball and use prewrap on my hair, to pull up my sleeves, use it to decorate my athletic bag or shoes. I am going to forward the website address to all my friends.

  4. Janis Thomas Says:

    My 16 year old daughter has been using pre-wrap for years – for both basketball and golf. Taking turns, each girl on her varsity basketball team prepares and presents “spirit bags” to the other team members before home games. This year, my daughter included a roll of pre-wrap (in school colors, of course!) in each of her spirit bags. Not only did everyone love the idea, but then many of them didn’t have to borrow hers anymore! We love – their selection and customer service are the best!

  5. Alaina Says:

    I am obsessed with pre-wrap! I always put it in my hair when I go to the gym or play soccer. I go to school at Washington State University and I’m always on the run so pre-wrap is a great way to wear my hair when I’m in a hurry. I love that it stays in my hair and keeps all my little fly aways out of my face! Pre-wrap is amazing and I love it!

  6. Ingrid Says:

    LOVE ordering all the colors on the web! Price and selection saves a lot of driving headache!

  7. Sue Says:

    My daughter loves pre-wrap. She wanted an assortment of colors and I found this site. I ordered the rainbow pack. She dances and plays sports so this is a great way to keep her hair out of her face. Pre wrap is the BEST…

  8. renee Says:

    my daughter loves prewrap and so do her friends

  9. Susie Says:

    Our team uses pre-wrap for every game. We wear a different color each game. We Love Pre-wrap!

  10. Flash Says:

    I play on a men’s volleyball team, I use prewrap for my ankles and wrists. Especially when at my nationals tournements. I’ve ordered from before and have been very pleased with their products. I would love to receive prewrap again, and plan on ordering more in due time as the season continues. You guys have a great thing going on!

    with care,

  11. Kim Says:

    My daughter uses Pre-Wrap in her hair for many reasons.

    Those hair bands fall out during playing
    Diving for a ball while playing goalie you need your hair out of your eyes
    You can’t play with your hair while wearing goalie gloves

    She loves PREWRAP!!!!!!

  12. Julie Felipez Says:

    Pre-Wrap is a staple in the gym bags of my girls especially for basketball games. The girls on the team swap constatntly! I think the refs are a little tired of picking up the “headbands” when they fall out of the girls’ hair, but we wouldn’t know what to do without our pre-wrap!

  13. Meghan Says:

    I play softball and volleyball. I LOVE pre wrap!! IT holds my hair back so i never mess around with it. Everyone is always asking me where i got it i keep on telling everyone in my school WWW. PRE-WRAP.COM!!!

    I love this stuff!!


  14. Emilie Says:

    i love prewrap i use it everyday i have evan gotten it as gifts for Valentimes day Christmas ect. I am a gymnast and it helps a lot to my hair stays out of my face! All of my friends ask me where i get ita nd i tell them al about this site any many of them have boughten it!

  15. Maddie Says:

    Pre-wrap is really fun to use both under athletic tape and as an accessory. It makes a really nice, sporty head band that’s awesome for anyone. Also, my friend uses it all the time under her leg brace and as a makeshift band for her patellar tendonitis. It’s worked really well for her and she used up two rolls in one season.

  16. Sydnie Says:

    i use pre-wrap almost every day! i have a lot of the colors but not all of them unfortunately.. but i LOVE wearing it! it looks AWESOME!!!

  17. Hannah Says:

    I love pre-wrap! It’s awesome! I’m a dancer, and I wrap it around my dance shoes, so that it creates more friction, ’cause I’m a fast spinner! It’s really helped me with my technique, and I’ve actually improved a lot by using this simple little method! I also wear it in my hair, and, I of course use it for injuries! I always carry it around with me, ’cause it’s a great way to support your knee or ankle, and it’s a lot more portable than a big old brace! I have rare knee and ankle conditions, so pre-wrap has made a big difference in MY life! Thanks so much!

  18. john lovelss Says:

    i give it to my soccer playing daughters as a colorful flower bouquet. its very pretty and they get a kick out of it. thx john

  19. Laura Says:

    Pre-wrap is the best thing ever. I use it all the time. I use it when I play volleyball. I get it from

  20. Stacy Says:

    My daughter uses it religously for her volleyball games! No other headband will stay in her hair, but the pre-wrap works every time!

  21. Paul Says:

    Pre-wrap is a completely great product. I use it on my feet when i roller blade to prevent blisters. I love it.

  22. Becky Says:

    Pre-wrap is amazing! I’m in my school’s marching band, and it’s annoying to keep all of my hair up during any performances. Pre wrap keeps the hair out of my view and is also awesome for team spirit. It always looks great!

  23. Picadil’s Bargain Finds » The Ultimate Accessory! Pre-Wrap Says:

    [...] a free roll of Pre-Wrap to try out.  It is super easy to enter.  All you have to do is go here: and leave a [...]

  24. Megan Says:

    OMG! I love prewrap. I put an order through to get my friends and I some. We love prewrap. I will wear it to school when my hair is down or in a pony. I really like prewrap because I can wear a hat and still have my bangs pulled out of my face.

  25. Oliva Says:

    i love pre-wrap! Great for Almost anything!

  26. tpark6 Says:

    while pre-wrap can be used for almost anything, i use it to protect my skin and shinguard sleeves when applying tape. i got an injury at camp, but used my pre-wrap to tape up my ankle. it helps keep up my shinguards without tearing the sleeves

  27. Danielle Says:

    I love love love pre-wrap!! Unfortunately, my experience with it has been held to only the natural color, I would love to play with all the different colors and come up with fun ideas that me and my softball team can bond over! Nevertheless pre-wrap is probably one of the greatest sports tools out there!!! And it’s so cheap and easy, keep the good times coming guys!!

  28. Cyndi Says:

    This stuff is really great it holds your hair back good and tight

  29. Lorraine Says:

    I bought pre-wrap, for my daughter who is a gymnast who competes at National standard, she uses pre-wrap under her handguards wrist straps for added comfort and less slipping, plus you can twist a small amount and use it as finger wedges, (for when the finger holes wear). Plus she has also tied a peice around her shin, to protect when training on Bars.

    She would love a free roll sent all the way to England U.K

  30. Marianne Manocchio Says:

    I was never so happy to find you web site. We bought the desired colors and extras for my daughters friends. We use pre-wrap for volleyball, basketball and softball.

  31. Mom of 3 Sporty Girls Says:

    Top Ten Uses at our house for Pre-Wrap for Soccer, Field Hockey & Basketball!

    1. Use for a head band to coordinate with color of Uniform (or any outfit for that matter)
    2. Good for Piggy Tail & Pony Tail Decorations
    3. Best for keeping those short bangs out of your face while playing
    4. Great for sports where you can’t have metal hairbands
    5. Wrap it around an ice pack to keep in place on legs/arms
    6. Give it as gifts with the “team” color
    7. Wear it under shin guards to keep them from sticking to legs
    8. Tie it on Bags for Airport Travel
    9. Tie it on Sports bags so when the team’s together, you can find yours
    10. Use it to decorate lockers for the Big Game!

    We Love!

  32. Johanne Says:

    I have two sons and two daughters my oldest is 16 and a my youngest is 5. They all play in sports. My sons play soccer which my husband and I coach their teams. I use pre-wrap for injuries at games or practices. My oldest daughter plays softball and uses it in her hair. My younger daughter uses it in her hair also.

  33. Lexi Says:

    I am in LOVE with pre- wrap. I use it to keep my bangs out of my face when i play at nationally ranked soccer tournaments and regular soccer games, i ussually braid 3 different colors of pre- wrap together though so it will combine all my team uniform colors(my away colors and home, and my goalie shirt!!!!). I also use it to wrap an injury whenever i get hurt or my teammates get hurt. I also use it so i can tell my baggage or soccer bag apart from other people or teammates. I never leave for any sports game without at least one roll of pre- wrap.

  34. al Says:

    Love the pre-wrap! I use it to hold back my hair during basketball games. Refs don’t allow the clips, etc so this does this trick. The colors make it a lot of fun too. And this website – ordering is so easy…..price is right…..and it’s shipped super fast. Thanks!

  35. louise Says:

    I luv pre-wrap to the max,
    its gr8 as i use it all the time
    when i play football! i canot wear normal
    head bands as they just fall off, cuz
    ive got a small head lmao!!
    but yeh pre-wrap fits perfectly,
    im luving the bright coloz aswell !!

    i use it for injuries aswel
    to wrap the injury with it still luking funky and bright,!!

    !! thnxxies x x x

  36. Allison Says:

    Regular hair bands never stayed in my hair, they were always falling out and getting lost. Pre-wrap stays in my hair for soccer and basketball. It’s great! There is a color to match every jersey!

  37. Melinda Says:

    I work outside and i have long hair, so i use it everyday!! works great, never falls out, stays tight all day!! I love it and i can color coordinate with anything i wear!

  38. Brooke Says:

    I work out and play soccer so i use it to keep all my fly away hair in. It is so much better than the headbands:p

  39. treece Says:

    WOW!!! Thank you all for such great feedback. It’s nice to see we aren’t the only one obsessed with pre-wrap. We thought this contest would be fun, but your responses are greater than we could have imagined! Thank you so much!

    Flash – great to hear from a guy! We know a lot of our customers are guys, but don’t always hear back from them.

    Mom of 3 – love the decorating locker ideas! We tie it on our luggage, too! It’s great when traveling since all the suitcases coming off the plane always look the same.

    Danielle, we need to get you some color!

    Hannah – we had no idea about the friction for dancers!

    Keep these ideas coming!

  40. Olivia Says:

    I <3 pre-wrap! I don’t play soccer or basketball, but I still love to use it! I think it is always so fun to strech it and use it all the time! it can be used for so many different things too! you can use it for injuries, bracelets (thats what my friends and I have done) and all sorts of other things!I’ve never had my own roll of pre-wrap before, and always use my friends, so hopefully I will be able to order some through the site!!

  41. Ally Says:

    I LOVE PRE WRAP! I actually don’t have any (yet) but I plan to get some very soon (like right after this). My friends all have it and we spend all recess stretching it like crazy obsessed freaks and everyone uses it as a headband!

  42. Simran Says:

    I AM OBSESSED WITH PRE WRAP! I have only black and orignal but I didnt choose them. Î play provincial basketball and soccer and volleyball. Also i play softball in a league. I do intense training for basketball (Its my favorite sport in the whole world) and when i do my headbands always fall out then it was the end of the season and my coach gave me a roll of pre wrap. I used it in the seasons last game and it was amazing I didn’t have to fix my hair once. I also didnt have any complains from the reffs about using hair clips. I got the other roll from my soccer teammate. At the end of the year we always give each other a little present and she decided to give me pre wrap because i always use hers. I love pre wrap but I’m not in love with the colors I have. THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME PRODUCT!

  43. Lauren Says:

    I use prewrap mainly for my hair and when I’m taping something up I use it before hand. Its great for sports that don’t allow athletes to wear metal hair clips

  44. Kallan Says:

    Where would girls be without pre-wrap? The answer is no where. My team always uses pre-wrap. It stays in your hair better than regular headbands. If you have pre-wrap with you and you get hurt, no worry, you can wrap injuries with pre-wrap. My sister and I own almost every color you have. Even our dogs like pre-wrap:-) One thing though, you should have a roll that is multi color. Pre-wrap is a must have for every athlete!

  45. Shari Bowen Says:

    Hi, I am interested. I never used this before? So I am curious about the buzzz :)


  46. Ally Says:

    I LOVE PRE WRAP! To get FREE prewrap would be AWESOME! I used pre wrap as a bracelet today then actually put my Hair up in a pony using it! Plus, I used it to keep my ankle from being twisted, IT WORKED! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kellie Rickwa Says:

    I placed two orders on line the first time I ordered pre wrap for my daughter (age 14). The “other guys” looked the same, cost more, and I had to PAY for shipping! I ordered it same day as I did from you and yours came 3 days before theirs. To top that I placed another order with you and it came the same day theirs came and that was the second order I placed with you!! I emailed the “other guys” and told them about you and the price and delivery, they said sorry they just couldn’t compete with the deal from! Not only is your product AWESOME it is the BEST PRICE by far. My daughter plays soccer, basketball, track and does weight lifting, she never has time to “fix” her hair, pre wrap keeps her focused on her game and not keeping her hair out of her face.

  48. Patty Stewart Says:

    I have three daughters who play multiple sports and they love Pre-Wrap. It is great for keeping their hair out of their face! There is not a head band out there that works as well as pre-wrap.

  49. Becky Willems Says:

    My daughters love Pre-Wrap. It works great for all sports.

  50. Kylie Westberg Says:

    We use it as headbands. It is really help full when you don’t have a headband.

  51. stacie dahltorp Says:

    LOVE IT! Enough said :)

  52. Cody Kukay Says:

    hey i love the fact that you are a go-getter, with a kool product, and the drive and passion to get a job done! Good for you! If you want to be featured on my website, just email me or facebook me on TeenBiz! Ur friend, Cody
    P.s. if you want free advertising on my site, aka a business profile i would be happy to do that for you! just get in touch!

  53. Deanna Moya Says:

    I used it for he first time this week for lacrosse. It was awsome!!! when i was running it didn’t slip off like normal headbands. I borrowed a piece from my friend and i can’t find them at any store. My dad won’t let me buy it on the internet so i don’t have any. I would use it for my ankle because i keep twisting it. also for my hair as a head band and a nekalace. to get free pre wrap would be great because it would save my parents money on something they have no clue of what it is. thanks

  54. Annah Says:

    Pre-Wrap is the best it is so easy to use. I mean when you need a headband you just tie a piece of it together and ta-daa you got one. Lol i hurt my knee badly in softball this year i mean just scuffed it up a lil’ bit and i used the skin colored pre-wrap to hold my bandage on and never had to worry about it falling off even when sliding to a base! And also i use it in my hair to hold back any flyaways that may interfere with my playing in gym,volleyball,softball,or just any other day! Hope i win some free pre-wrap! wish i could afford the rainbow pack its awesome!

  55. Ali Says:

    Hi my name is ali, i am 14 years old. i really never got a chance to buy any prewrap =[ i ALWAYS use my friends and i love it. its such an amazing product. by you guys sending me this free prewrap i would offically get my own =]] and not have to use my friends anymore


  56. Erica Says:

    I love pre wrap! It is just a great invention =) i use it for all of my softball games and i have it in every color!

  57. Alena Says:

    I absolutely love pre=wrap it keeps my hair all organized without pre-wrap i’d be stick doing my hair for hours. I mainly get purple for my school colors but blue is my favorite.


  58. Alena Says:

    I’m serious pre-wrap is all i use i normally get it from dick’s sporting goods but i’m starting to think i should get it off of this website because of the collection of colors they have it’s incredible. I use it for soccer and basketball when i put my hair up perfect touch works like a charm. I’d be lost without pre-wrap.

  59. Kayla Says:

    I played softball for 11 years, so pre-wrap is near and dear to my heart. I played with some of the same girls throughout those years, and we always thought it would be amazing to have colored pre-wrap. We used pre-wrap for head bands, temporary knee braces, bandaging, or just to look cool – and this was the old school whitish stuff! Now I am coaching softball for the second year, and think the girls are going to be super excited when I order them multicolored pre-wrap!!! This won’t be covered by the league, but I just found this website and am extremely, overly, excited and will probably end up spending more money than I have as a poor college kid. Yay pre-wrap!

  60. kara Says:

    I play soccer, softball and run track and pre wrap has saved me for so many injuries! Its so easy to layer on a sprained ankle. not to mention it holds back my crazy hair during the game or in the middle of the race. Now i can concentrate on winning the game rather than fixing my loose strands of hair! Plus there are soooo many colors! I LOVE PRE WRAP!

  61. Christina Says:

    OMG i love prewrap, with out it i would be a mess i have it nin every color so i can match it wit anything PREWRAP IS MY HERO

  62. Julie Says:

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP I just ran out so i bought some more I wear it to school like everyday and all my friends ask if i can have some. iuse most of my pre-wrap at my volleyball games and it helps A LOT

    THANKS PRE-WRAP!! I LOVE PRE-WRAP.COM!! and soo does my team and my coach!!!

  63. Elesa Says:

    I LOVE PREWRAP!! i told all my freinds about it that were on my volleyball and basketball team! i have everysingle color and i love it! i use it to keep my hair back, i use it before i use athletic tape to wrap my ankle, and i also use it to keep my shoelaces down so that during the game i dont trip!

  64. Kristin Says:

    I lovee pre wrap!i use it every day and t really helps keep hair out of my face. I wanted the big basket of pre wrap and that will last me 10 years since there is soo much

  65. Marge Says:

    I play 3 sports at my highschool and i wear prewrap everyday. I wear it for tennis, basketball, and softball, but i also wear it when i am around the house. Pre-wrap is a great way to keep those little whispy ends of hair out of your eyes. No matter how big or small your head is prewrap always fits! For those of you with a little bit more round head, pre-wrap works for you too. I just add a little hairspray and it never comes out. is very relilable i have bought from many times and they always have the colors i want and i get them with in days. They give you more on each roll, compared to other sports distrbutors.

    Hope i helped those of you out there trying to make a decision whether to buy or not

    xoxo Marge

  66. Sarah Says:

    i play soccer (football in england), for a team called whitley bay. A few girls on the team have the pre wrap but i would like some.
    it just seems so pretty and it keeps your hair in.
    Aparently its really good as you get loads on the roll.

    its good!

    sarah x

  67. Jenna Says:

    Hey this tape is so great. I had to wrap my ankle the other day and my friend let me us hers and it was so good. All my coaches say to us it. It helped me from hurting my knee really badly

  68. Jenna Says:

    Also i play 8 different sports and it is very hard because i always get injured and my mm wants me to have some so please pick me

  69. Annette Says:

    We’ve never used or heard of pre-wrap before I found you so I’d love to win some and give it a try for my girls. They both have long hair and are very active. It’d be fun to find something to help tame the fly-aways while we’re gardening, etc.

    Thanks for the great give-away!

  70. Nancy Says:

    my daughter really likes it. and she wanted to get some for tennis. which is starting really soon. and she wants it for color guard.

  71. Jenny Says:

    I’ve never used pre-wrap but I want to start

  72. Rini Mac Says:

    YOWZA! I just got my first roll of pre-wrap today. I AM SATISFIED ALREADY! I play 4 leauges of basketball, 2 leauges of soccer, and lacrosse, so I’m always on the move. (I also swim, but you can’t really use pre-wrpa for that.) I found it from a girl on my AAU basketball team. She lent us all pre-wrap in gold (team color) for our first tournament. So far I’ve only ordered 4 rolls (2 gold 2 red) but I already love them! I can use them in my hair, as makeshift bandages, I even make them when I’m bored for my friends! I LOVE YOU PRE-WRAP AND PRE-WRAP WORKER PEOPLE!

  73. Steph Says:

    its the best way to keep my hair back

  74. Jennie Says:

    I was just googling Pre-wrap to order some of it. I fell in love with this stuff! I dance and I usually do not use pre wrap, but when my friend has a roll with her I love to use hers! I hate using gel and hair spray so I have headbands and I often cut my ballet tights and try to use it like a headband but they fall out and they do not work as good as Pre-wrap. Pre-wrap stays in my hair the whole time I am at dance and I do not have to worry about it and it always keeps my bangs out of my face. I also get knee injuries very often from dancing and I use my friends to wrap my knees all the time. I would like a roll of my own so I would not have to use hers. I am very interested in it and I don’t know what I would do with out it! Thank you!

  75. Lexi H Says:

    Hey my friend told me about pre wrap and showed me it and i fell in love i dont own any so i just use my friend’s but when i use it i use it as headbands and bracelets. I’ve even used it as a bandage when i cut myself badly on accident and it was almost better that a bandage, when my ankle hurts i use it for that too! I’d really appreciate it if i could get my own roll, and im thinking about buying alot here soon…
    If I had some my friend would probably have alot more Lol… I do many sports :)
    Love ya,

  76. Gabrielle Says:

    Hey everyone!

    Like everyone else, I use pre-wrap to hold back my hair. However, my main use is underneath athletic tape when taping my wrists and ankles. As you can imagine, being on a 7 Time National Champion cheer team (check us out at and search Agoura under the USA Spirit Nationals) comes with a lot of extra baggage, including injuries. Almost half my team uses pre-wrap and tape every day! It’s so much fun to see what new colors someone brings into practice. I can’t wait to order the mixed packs of both pre-wrap and athletic tape and be the envy of my team!

  77. Jackie Says:

    I first started wearin pre-wrap when girls on my softball team started wearing it to practice. i had no idea what it was, and i since i have long side bang, i asked a friend to borrow some for our game that day and it kept my bangs out of my face. i play short stop and all my focus has to be on the batter and not my fly away hairs. pre-wrap is amazing and since then i have brought it from Dick’s and even on here when i wanted an assortment of color. Pre-wrap really does rock!

  78. Cody Rufer Says:

    Pre-wrap is the greatest thing for my team and I. I run Cross Country and Track and we use prewrap on all injury taping and blisters. Our team uses a lot of pre wrap in a season and we would sure love more.

  79. Ally Says:

    OMG! I <3 PREWRAP! I use it for when i am playing feild hockey to protect my skin from the turf and chemicals in it

  80. Ally Says:

    YOU HAVE to try it if you haven’t already!

  81. Shelby Says:

    I bought about 20 rolls through this site and it lasted me only a year because every game and practice all my team mates would borrow my pre wrap. So, i went through rolls very quickly. We use it on our ankles, hair, we even have made bracelets and necklaces with it! :]]

  82. Kirsten Says:

    I love pre-wrap! After I fell during a track meet while doing hurdles, pre-wrap was the best way to go to wrap up my scrape. It was really comfortable and a lot less stiff than any of the other things I tried. I always loved to use pre-wrap during volleyball season for my hair, it would never fall out and it would keep my shorter hair back.

  83. kortney Roberts Says:

    Pre-wrap is absolutely amazing!! I use it for all my little flyaways when I’m playing sports, and it looks cute even when you aren’t playing one! I have so many colors and go through it all the time!

  84. Mark Meredith Says:

    My daughters use it for their hair mostly, but they have also used it to wrap their ankles and ankles of teammates, when the trainer had run out of wrap.


  85. Sam Miller Says:

    I love your prewrap and PINK is my FAVORITE COLOR. I would use the pink prewrap to share with my friends. We play soccer and use prewrap for our games as well as wrap our ankles so tape doesn’t stick. It’s PERFECT! THANKS for such a great product! This past Easter my parents gave me pink prewrap in 3 different shades in my Easter basket. I loved it!

  86. Allison Says:

    I LOVE prewrap!!!!! I’m a dancer so naturally I can’t worry about whether or not my hair is going to fall in my face while i’m preforming. I used to have to stop in the middle of the dance and fix my hair but after I found out about prewrap, I never had to worry about my bangs being in my hair again!!!!!

  87. tressa kane Says:

    i absolutly love prewrap! i take prewrap and i make it into a headband by rolling it up into a head band. every other hand band i use is loose and falls off and is just itchy and uncomfortable. prewrap feels foamy and stays on forever! it never falls off. i dont have to fix my head band every 5 minutes now. i love it!

    -tressa kane

  88. jeanne Says:

    My daughter used prewrap for the first time last weekend as a headband and she loved it. I’m sure if she won she’d share the basket with the rest of her volleyball team as they take turns bringing in different color ribbons to their volleyball games, now they’ll have to start taking turns with the different color prewraps.

  89. Rachel Says:

    I love pre-wrap. I got my bangs cut and now they are in my face 24-7. Since i can’t use a metal hair clip while playing soccer, I relay on pre-wrap to do the job!!

  90. Liz Says:

    i luv pre-wrap!!!!! i use it to keep my bangs back during field hockey hockey and lacrosse if i dident have it i dont know what i would do!!! thank you

  91. amanda Says:

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always use it for sports and I always have to match. it keeps ALLLLLL my hair back!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

  92. Lauren Says:

    Hey everyone! I am a gymnast and a cheerleader and I use pre-wrap only for gymnastics reasons (ie – under gym tape, markers etc) but I have also heard that it makes a great headband… I don know if that is what I will end up using it for, but it sound intruiging!


  93. Kirsten Says:


  94. Anna Cronin Says:

    So…. i use prewrap in four differnet ways. One to keep my curly hair from getting in my face. Two for sand soccer to keep the sand from burning my feet. Three, when i am injured it keeps the tape from rubing blisters while i play soccer. Four to tie my sleeves up in the summer while playing. I love prewrap and i really need a new role.

  95. Kirsten Says:

    With pre-wrap, I use it for all of my injuries and for headbands. If I won I would also share it with all of my track team and whoever needs it! Pre-wrap is the best way to go! I <3 Pre-wrap!

  96. Hanna Says:

    Dear Pre-wrap,
    For the past 4 years I have been a dedicated rugby player! Before every season I buy the rainbow pack of Pre-wrap to be used as a fashionable headband and to wrap my injuries after playing a game of rugby. I have just recently dislocated my shoulder playing rugby, an injury to large for pre-wrap to fix. I just found out that i will not be able to play rugby for the rest of the season. The thought of not being able to play rugby is very discouraging. The only way that i was able to stay a part of the team was to be the pre-wrap supplier… wrap injuries and provide headbands. If i won, i would be able to remain a part of the team and provide the AMAZING product of Pre-wrap. The thought of winning would not only help out the team, but would also help me remain part of the team. Thank you very much. :)
    I love pre-wrap and would like to share it with the rest of my team!!!

  97. samantha Says:

    I have been using pre-wrap for about 2 years and i absolutely love it!
    I am in dance and soccer and i use it for both games and practice.
    I twist two of my team colors and wear them for my soccer games and i use it all the time for dance. I even wear it to school. i wear colors that match my outfit. i use it usually to pull my hair back or just to look cute. Thank you so much for making this awesome product i love it and i know a lot of other people do too.

    I share pre-wrap with both of my teams thank you!!!!

  98. SARAH Says:

    Let me tell you just one thing. I adore pre-wrap.It can do literally anything! One way I use is at track meets. Even though Kentucky doesn’t allow you to run with it in your hair, I take it off to run and it still keeps my hair back! I also use it to wear my hair up to school. It gives you a sorty edge and can really fix a bad hair day too. It comes in handy where ever I play sports. With all the sweet and awesome colors everyone is like Woa!
    It really is the evrything product. My teams love it, so…
    Thanks for suppling it!!!! :]]]

  99. Hailey Says:

    i use it mostly for a good head band i also use it for ALL of my injurys. Mostly everyone on my team uses it and i do too its a great proudct!!

  100. Tessa Says:

    Hannah, I had never heard of using pre-wrap on your shoes for friction. That’s one more way that people can use pre-wrap. I love to hear new ways pre-wrap can be used and the things that have been done with it. You have won this weeks drawing so we will send you a free roll. Congrats and good luck with your dancing!

  101. Jac Says:


    Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of headbands but everything always falls out when I’m playing basketball or running but not pre-wrap. I started using it last year and I became obsessed! Because of me, my sister uses it, everyone on my high school basketball team, and so many girls in my school. I carry a variety of colors so everyone always goes in my bag to pick the color to match their outfit for practice. The only complaint I had was that I only had black, blue, and red. But since I found this website a couple weeks ago, I’ve had so many more colors and everyone loves me for giving them the sight as well.

    Thanks :-)

  102. Amanda Says:

    i love pre-wrap.
    i had recently sprained my ankle and the brace hurt me even worse so i went to the trainer at our school and she wrapped my ankle with it. I also use it as a headband because I just started playing lacrosse it helped me see better. So i wasn’t pushing my hair back ever two seconds. When i play hockey I use it all the time.
    Who ever invented pre-wrap i thank you.

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP!!! :]

  103. Sarah Says:

    OMG! Pre wrap is the BOMB!!! i use it for soccer, lax, and basketball. When i started acadamey soccer, they didnt let me use it becuase it had knots….. i was SOOOOOO upsett! =[ but then i discovered this website... and it taught me how to make one without a knott!

    thankss a bunchh! =]…….. SARAH

  104. Jenna Says:

    I play lacrosse at my high school but the only time i’ve every used prewrap is when our athletic trainer put it on me to wrap my ankle… it sounds like a good idea to use it in your hair! never would have thought of that!

  105. katie Says:

    I think it’s a great idea to give away free prewrap it is so cool i hope to win

  106. audri Says:

    Pre-Wrap has really helped with keepin hair out of my face. I am a setter so Im constantly flipping my head to keep the bangs out of my face. And since we’re not allowed to use bobby pins, pre-wrap has helped keep me IN THE GAME! Thanks a bunch!

  107. Scott Says:

    Pre-wrap has saved my life!!!! I couldn’t stand the knee bands with velcro, they kept coming lose and falling off. Pre-wrap stays where you put it and it is working so well for me.

  108. Chelsea Kline Says:

    I LOVE PREWRAP!! I wear it to school and for gym to keep hair out of my face. Also for volleyball i use it and when im in my dance classes!

  109. Karissa Says:

    I really want some pre wrap but I dont have enough money see my family and I live in africa and over there we dont have a lot of money so I cant afford to by any and I would really like if you guys gave me this pre wrap fpr free

  110. Nicole Bourassa Says:

    I Love Prewrap. I use it everyday. I use it for softball and for a regualr day wear. when we have spirit days at school i use it in everyway possible. keep on wrapin!

    thank you soo much!

  111. ELISA MARTIN Says:

    I always use pre-wrap for everything. Being in basketball and volleyball we aren’t allowed to wear bobby pins or clips. Pre-wrap always saves me and keeps my hair back without slipping off like regular headbands, which just annoys me! :]

  112. Jenn Silver Says:

    Every day, my friend always came to school with a different colored headband. Finally one day, i decided that i wanted to know what it is that she has. She told me: PRE-WRAP!!! So I went on the internet and found this site and showed it to my mom and sister. They loved the idea because I had just gotten a haircut and my hair was always going in my face. So I asked my friend when she was ordering more. The next time she ordered she got me 2 colors, and since then we have ordered 10 more rolls and just recently, i have convinced my whole team to buy!! Just wait until I get my school team into this! Oh Boy!!

  113. Paige Says:

    I love pre-wrap and use all the time. I play basketball and love to run. I also use it for whenever I’m playing any sports. Pre-wrap is a great way to keep hair out of your face. I wear pre-wrap almost everyday and a lot of people are always asking me, where did you find that amazing colored pre-wrap? this website is the only place where i can find pre-wrap in so many colors.

  114. Chelsie Says:

    I have pretty much every color that you guys offer,
    It’s awesome I just bought these really cool shoes and I can totally use the prewrap as shoelaces! oh it will look sweet! thank you for having pre-wrap it’s the only place i can buy it because around where i live its really expensive…like $5 for just one role and all they have is boring colors lol.

  115. Amy Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Pre-wrap is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I use pre-wrap for gymnastics, track, field hockey, and basketball. Some of my teamates find what they think is pre-wrap, but most times it is just a copy. Their pre-wrap, you can’t even wear because it rips right away!!!! Stupid!!! But the pre-wrap I use, is the kind i get off this site. My field hockey friend and teamate used some of my purple pre-wrap to make a headband for one of our games, IT LASTED HER THE REST OF THE SEASON!!!!!!! IT NEVER RIPPED!!!!!!!! AND SHE BORROWED IT DURING OUR 2ND GAME OF A 24 GAME SEASON!!!!!!!! Pre-wrap is amazing!!!!! It keeps my bangs out of my face and it never rips!!! It has a great quality!!!! My field hockey coach even asks me where i get it…i made up these cards that has all the information on them on your location, your website, your phone number,and how to order pre-wrap…I handed them out to all of my teams…that like about 60 people!! and they all told me that they ordered pre-wrap from this website!!!!!! i use pre-wrap for every sports activity and i even wear to school on a weekly basis and everyone asks me where they can get pre-wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 PRE-WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. SoccerMom Says:

    We just moved to Stoney Creek recently and found pre-wrap One of the girls on my daughter new soccer team has some and shared with my soccer-star and I have to tell you. she absolutely loved it!
    In soccer they are not allowed to have anything metal in their hair so this is an amazing product to help hold their hair back without having to spend a ton of time or money to find hair bands that have not metal in them (even in the connector that puts the ends together) . One of the other things I absolutely love is the colours. Especially because at rep level they have a shirt for home (Orange) and a short for away (white). But next year her colours will change but he hair can still be fashionable with the pre=wrap because of all the colours to choose from.

  117. shelby Says:

    i love pre-wrap. i use it to hold my hair back while i play. i would be a mess without it! i think teal would be an awesome color to add to your collection. i would love to win some pre-wrap!

  118. Eri Says:

    how i use prewrap.:]
    wide headband//thin headband//two colors twisted together headband(wear it at school/practice/games).. i have actually had girls start to copy all the different ways i wear my prewrap lol.

    me and some friends wear it in a thin band around our arms when playing vball. its a unity thing thats not distracting or in the way and completely legal.
    my basketball team once had scrimmage jerseys that were way too big. we tied the backs with prewrap and WAA LAH! the jerseys didnt fall off.

    one day I figured out that wrapping prewrap around my pencil made a good pencil grip…who knew?

    and something else i figured out by accident prewrap makes a good makeshift

    prewrap is also amazing for its original purpose- before tape(although at my school they call it “sissy wrap”)lol


  119. Morgan Tuggle Says:

    I LOVE pre-wrap. My volleyball team always make sure we have on pre-wrap, because without it, it doesnt seem right because of us wearing it every game. We always wear matching pre-wrap for everygame. We have worn a numerous number of colors1 We love it! I pla volleyball and tennis and always wear it for practice and games! It is awsome! When i grow up, I want to go in the feild of sports medicine/ physical therapy! I love it soo much, and think it would be an awsome job! I love to practice on friends, and am good at it too! I love to new green!

  120. Harley Says:

    pre-wrap is amazing!! i couldn’t play softball without it. The colors are so cool. pre-wrap is so durable to, it hardly ever brakes. Thanks for carrying all my favorites!!!!

  121. K. Snyder Says:

    My cocker spaniel Chester and I like Pre-wrap because it doesn’t stick to his ears when I tie them up to dry their insides after his bath. Have dog groomers discovered yet how perfect Pre-wrap is for holding up dogs’ ears?

    As for Chester, he and I like him best in red Pre-wrap. It’s definitely his color.

    Thank you for rescuing him from sticky vet tape.

  122. Maddi Says:

    I love pre-wrap I wear it everywhere with everything

  123. Olivia Says:

    I just love pre wrap.
    it amazing!
    It works to keep my hair back when i run, swim, play soccer or just to hang out.
    its amazing!
    thanks so much for inventing it!

  124. Deidre Says:

    I’ve been looking for this item for months! I went to evita peroni stores . They didn’t have it.I finally found you!

  125. Nicole Says:

    I absolutely LOVE pre-wrap! I use it for just about anything; I use it in my hair, to pull up my sleeves, “pre-wrapping” of course and so much more! I have every color. I think I wear it every day! Me and my soccer team will wear a different color every game. I’ve told them all about this site and hopefully they will tell their friends too!

  126. Katie Says:

    I play a ton of sports and i wear pre-wrap every time we play!!!

  127. Rachel Says:

    My entire soccer team loves prewrap. We all use it as a stylish headband. My mom is a family doctor, and she makes me carry this bag with medical supplies in it to every game. Me and all my teammates would take the prewrap out of the bag and use it for our hair. For my birthday, my mom bought me the rainbow case thing from! Even though i have 12 colors, i could always use more!

  128. Brittany Gip Says:

    I love prewrap, on hot summerdays when I’m jogging or marching in band, i love to pull my hair back and keep it out of my face with prewrap. All my friends love it too, expesally since they’re in sports too!

  129. Jak Says:

    I use pre-wrap to keep my bangs out of my face while i play softball. My whole team uses pre-wrap because when u play softball they don’t let you use hard hair things so pre-wrap is the perfect thing to use.

  130. Ash Says:

    Hi. I’ve never use pre-wrap before but i’m very interested in using it.

  131. Vanessa Says:

    I’m very interested in trying Pre-Wrap! I play volleyball, and it’s so annoying when I have to push my hair out of my face, or fix my headbands. I use those thin headbands, but they always fall out during drills. If Pre-Wrap works as well as everyone says, hopefully I won’t have this problem when I order some.

  132. Danelle Says:

    i LOVE pre-wrap! I usually use it for my hair, to tie the ends of pigtails, and to tie up the strings on my lacrosse stick! I love the light pink…SO cute!

  133. Eden King Says:

    I love pre-wrap! The hot pink and lime colors are the best!

  134. Eden King Says:

    I love Pre-wrap! I use it for swimming, basketball, softball, and dance. It really does work! I haven’t had to fix it when it’s on my head ever!

  135. Tessa Says:

    Eri, I’d never thought of using pre-wrap those ways but I’ve started to. One of my younger friends had a jersey and it was way to big so I tied it up with pre-wrap and now she does it every game. That’s funny how you use it as a makeshift tissue. I’ve started to use it to wrap up my gum when I have already thrown away the wrapper. Cool uses and thanks for the ideas… Tessa

  136. Katie Says:

    i never used pre-wrap until yesterday when i was at tennis practice. i had forgotten my headband, so another member of the team introduced to the idea of using pre-wrap as a headband. it work better then my hair bow did! needless to say i went out and bought my own roll. everywhere i looked they did not have my school color which is purple, so i decided to look online which lead me to this website. hopefully if it works ill come back and buy somemore.

  137. Lauren Says:

    OMGosh!!! Pre-wrap is THE most amazing thing ever ever ever ever created! I use it every single day! I go through like 2 rolls a week! it is crazy. but easy to do with 3-A-day practices. i use it to keep my hair up and to wrap my wrists and ankles. everyone on my team like to use it too. plus with all the different colors you will always match! its incredible!

  138. taylor lafollett Says:

    I only have one color of pre-wrap it is tan! It is almost gone though! I cant find it anwhere in stores! I came across this website today and I begged my mom to buy me some! she said maybe but the thing is, is that mine is almost gone and I have 5 softball games this week all in a row! and I dont have enough! please pick me I am begging you!!!! taylor

  139. kendall Says:

    my name is kendall i am 13 and i have 2 sisters that dont share their prewrap and i always wanted more prewrap i only have 2 things of prewrap and i love it i love really bright highlight colors like orange and pink!!!!!i love thoughs colors and i would really like some more pre wrap!!!! :]

    my team members have like omg all the colors and i am like ooooooo ah ah ah ah ah… and well i want some of that so give some to me

    love you guys sooooooo much my sisters love your website GO LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

    well bye bye!!!! :] :] :]

  140. korie Says:

    i love pre-wrap!!!!!! i just stared using it for soccer for a head band and it really does work !!!!!i like want to get every color oh and yesterday in my soccer toruniment well my team and i put all the different colors of pre-wrap that we had on ower shoes like where the shoe laces go and let me tell you it good luck!!!! you should try that some time it worked for my team,and we are planning on doing that again it was lots of funnnnnn!!!!

  141. kirsten Says:

    i love pre-wrap. i use it pretty much everytime i put up my hair. plus i use it for my sleeves when its really hot. also i wrap some around my leg to hold my mouth gaurd somewhere (it really works!)

  142. Lexi Says:

    I use pre-wrap every time I skate. Since I live way up in minnesota, I have been playing ice hockey for 11 years now. And I wish I could of used it way back whenI was like 4! Its sooo awesome. I probably couldnt leave without it!

  143. Jill Says:

    i use pre wrap but it is too expensive to keep buying i put it in my hair and wrap up my ankle for volleyball with it

  144. Norie Says:

    I use pre-wrap way to much… on my feet to prevent blisters, on my knees for my osgood schlaters, in my hair to help keep my bangs and fly-aways out of my face, when im running for my sleeves, i also use it to hold my arch in place becausei have such a high arch it strains easily… it works really well… i am also the supplier for my basketball team!!

  145. Danelle Says:

    During lacrosse season, it’s usually freezing cold before the weather actually starts getting nice. During one game, my friend and I both forgot our under armour and were literally FREEZING waiting to play. We tried putting a sweatshirt on and our jersey over it but that was uncomfortable. So my genius friend (ok, not really) decided, LETS WRAP OUR ARMS AND LEGS IN PRE-WRAP. We figured anything would be better than freezing. So here we are wrapping both our arms and legs in red pre-wrap..we looked ridiculous! We got onto the field and it was actually holding up..for a few minutes…until its started to unravel and we’d have pre wrap dangling off of our arms and legs…We we’re called off the field. it DID keep us warmer though!

    we’ve since then decided to stick to using it for our hair and sleeves.. =)

  146. Alexa Says:

    I do basketball in the winter seasons and I hate when my hair is in my face when i go to shoot! I use pre wrap when I am playing any sports! I love it. It keeps my hair out of my face. And I also use it for my sleeves and my knees for my knee problem. Some people think I am crazy for some of the ways I use it. But I love it :] And in the summer season I play beach volleyball with my friends and I use it every practice and game we play with all our friends.


  147. katie Says:

    i play soccer and im pretty sure our WHOLE team uses it and we love it. the best way to make sure it stays in is take three pieces and braid it! and it looks really cool, and it wont slip out.
    but i love prewrap and it works so well

  148. isabel Says:

    Hey its isabel, izzi for short. Well i use prewrap all the time but the store that sells it in ou town only sells basic, and our school colors red and blue. after a while those colors get bland and booring.i use pre wrap for many uses but i mianly use it to keep my frizzy hair out of my face.yah i know frizzy izzi, but i wrote thise to you because our volley ball team is getting bored with the bland colors. help!

  149. Monika L Says:

    I Use Pre Wrap Wsy To Much……Practicly My Whole Team Uses It!!!I DOnt Know How I COuld Have Lived Without It I Will Recomend This To EveryOne I Know!!!!!

  150. Monika L Says:

    I Use Pre Wrap Way To Much……Practicly My Whole Team Uses It!!!I DOnt Know How I COuld Have Lived Without It I Will Recomend This To EveryOne I Know!!!!!

  151. hannah Says:

    i use so much pre wrap in sports its not even funny. recently one of the girls at my school got lime green and i thought that was so cool so i went looking online and this is the only place i found…. my whole team uses pre wrap so it would be so cool to get some lime green

  152. savannah Says:

    today was the first time ive EVER worn pre-wrap. i put it on my head and it didnt slide around the whole day!. my whole team wore it for our volleyball game and it was the first one we won!! im still wearing it! i obviously LOVED it, thats why im here, this isnt gonna be the only time i use pre-wrap!!!!

  153. Elizabeth Says:

    I love pre-wrap! It’s great for your hair!

  154. Amanda Says:

    hey this is amanda i just got my prewrap today after weeks of bugging my mom i totally love it i use it for:

    keeping my shin gurds from giving me blisters
    injuries under athletic tape
    hair bands
    to play with my dog
    my cat loves it
    braclets and rings are so cool with the dif colors

  155. Britt Says:

    I play goalkeeper during soccer and I use pre-wrap so much. I have bad ankles so I use it to help stabilize and help the medical tape hurt less. Also, I have hair that does not agree with humidity which is a problem living in Alabama. My hair gets all frizzy and insane so I use pre-wrap to hold it down. I can’t tell you how much pre-wrap has helped my game because before I started using it, my hair would get in my face when I was in goal. This would distract me and make me miss a lot of shots. My team introduced me to pre-wrap a year ago and I have used it ever since! I can see the field so much better since I have started using pre-wrap. Truely, pre-wrap is awesome and I could never live without it now!

  156. Danielle Says:

    I love pre-wrap! On my volleyball team last year we would use about 1 roll a game. We would make headbands, anklets, and even bow-ties and regular ties! Sometimes now if I have enough in a roll, I’ll wrap a gift with it and my friends are always so happy on their birthdays when I give them a present wrapped in pre-wrap! They carefully take it off and most of them put it in their hair right away! Last year we would tie each other up with it and play escape. Then we would goof around with it even more. PRE-WRAP IS AWESOME AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW LIME GREEN COLOR!!! ROCK ON PRE-WRAP!

  157. Haylee Says:

    It’s fun to pester my dogs with it. My dogs absolutely love it too! I tie a bow on their heads and they don’t care a bit! I also like to braid 2 colors together and make key chains or 2-tone headbands! Sometimes i even tie it around my hermit crab’s shells to make them look pretty. PRE-WRAP IS THE BEST!!!!

  158. Amanda Says:

    hey its amanda agian lol i comented earlier as you probably know well anyway i love how you emailed me back!! well prewrap has helped me so much in soccer like i said before, all my friends love it and ask me for it now and were i got it because it works for all or there hait types. well i really would like a free roll of pre wrap lol so PICK ME but thanks for emailing me before so email me soon if you want to well gtg umm bye

  159. Hannahdog Says:

    dear pre-wrap,
    i just became interested in pre-wrap when i joined the volleyball team at my school. everyone used pre-wrap and i felt so left out because i did not even know what it was. i asked one of my friends for a piece and thought it was genius! so i went lookin for pre-wrap and found your website. i think it is the coolest thing that you have purple! its a huge deal on my team, everyone loves purple! thanks so much for starting an awesome buisness like this!

  160. Jasmin Says:

    i love the new color
    i like bright color so i thought the neon color was the cooliest one. i use pre wrap in my hair sometimes braid 3 different colorss. also to keep my shin gards from falling in soccer also to decorate my bag or room.i couldnt live without it!!!

  161. Emmy Says:

    my friend hannah just got me into pre wrap 2day. I think its so cool that u have it!!! i love how it sticks 2 your hair unlike a normal head band, which always slip out!!! I luv how u have so many colors… but my favorites are brobably hot pink &lime green. i know this cuz hannah showed all the colors and told me 2 go on this website and its awsome!!! hot pink and lime green r a huge hit in my school and luv them!!! o.k. thanks! bye
    i luv pre wrap!!!
    =) :)
    p.s. i know all this cuz hannah gave me a piece 2day…

  162. PIEDAD Says:

    i never used pre wrap before. i felt wierd cuz everyone would talk about it and i felt really left out. then my best friend gave me a roll, and i would always find rolls on the floor after games and stuff. i have pink and yellow :( i wish i had multiple colors. i wish i ahd purple to match my school colors haha. but i ran out! i wear them as head bands to keep my bangs out. and i use it to decorate my bag so i know which one is mine! i also use pre wrap to keep my sleeves up. oddly enough, i wrap it around my pens and pencils. it makes them grippier haha. (: my friends think its so wierd haha

  163. Kendra Says:

    i use pre wrap for everything! to wrap my ankle, and for my hair. since i play soccer this is the best thing to use. my favorite thing to do is get 3 of my favorite colors and braid them all together. i even have a friendship bracelet made out of braided pr-wrap. i love this stuff. forget regular headbands! pre-wrap is the new thing!

  164. Tammy Williamson Says:

    when my daughter…who is 12, plays sports and does gymnastics, came home and told me allot of the girls (especially the volleyball players) were earing pre-wrap in their hair, I was like “ok, what is pre-wrap?” which led me to your site and wow…can’t belive it’s such a big deal now with young girls…someone got creative and someone decided to turn it into a fashion statement for a business…congratualtions…would love to find some of this for my daughter, too.

  165. casey Says:

    I was wondering how do you use pre-wrap in golf?????????? tht is my main sport (nxt 2 volleyball) and since u wear a hat how can u use it? thnx so much email me @

    xoxo, casey

  166. Shianne Steele Says:

    I use for my hair so it’s out of my face when i play sports.

  167. katie Says:

    I love pre-wrap!
    I do baton twirling and my bangs are always getting in my face. So my friend told me about pre-wrap now i will use it all the time.
    It’s also grat to match with your outfit.
    (way better than loosing clips than spending more money to buy more)

  168. Taylor Says:

    I absolutly LOVE pre-wrap! I am the one who introduced my school to pre wrap! Now all of the girls sports team use it! I have every color but i am running out of lime green… I am on a highschool soccer anmd softball team so i need pre wrap and lots of it! I also make bracelets and necklaces out of it! And so do all of my friends! This has to be the most affordable and best Fashion statement EVER!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Emily Says:

    Pre-wrap is my most favorite thing in the entire world! Thanks to the no-bobbypin rule in sports, my hair is always in my face. AHHHH! I used to wear those cheesy headbands that always fall off and coaches and refs would get mad that I would lose them in the middle of games. One of my friends introduced me to pre-wrap and now I wear it practically every day! Thanks to I can have almost as much as I want because it’s so cheap!! My entire high school basketball and volleyball team wears it now! Thanks to pre-wrap, my hair is no longer in my face! :)

  170. Amanda Says:

    hey its me i found out some new ways to use prewrap

    well first my dog hates when we put her collar on so i take some colorst of pre wrap and make a colloar big enough so it wont fall off or choke her in anyway

    also my dog is tiny so when seh gets cold i wrap some around her belly and she gets warme

    one time we were on our soccer bus on the way home from a game that was snowing and we stoped at starbucks to get hotchoclate and to keep are hands from getting burnt we wrapped it around the cup severtimes in stead of a napkin

    i also am using it for a halloween costume cuz me and my friends are being a rainbow mummy’

    i use it for my room to decorate to lol
    you can put peices to gether at knots and hang them down your door with beads its so cool to walk through

    my cats they like to play iwth it but not when i wrap it around them

    well thats all the new ways ive figured out bbl wheni have more ways you can use prewrap

  171. adrianna Says:

    heyy it’s adrianna aka anna and well i [pllay lots of sports but my mom doesnt like buying pre wrap but i really like it and i would relly like to win the free pre wrap thanks soomuch !!!!!!!!!!!! pre-wrap roxx

  172. brooke Says:

    hey i love pre warp but right now i don’t have the money to buy some and there is no store around me that i can buy some so please please please pick me i am in big need for some some !


  173. jessica Says:

    i love pre wrap because head bands alway fall out of my hair and my hair is too thick for clips. My local sports store only has about 8 colors and they are pretty boring. Right now i only have purple to match my schools colors, but when i saw all of the cool ones on here, i couldnt believe it.

  174. Elisa Ward Says:

    I think that you should have a pink and green camo!! Lov Pre-Wrap use it every volleyball Game!

    Go Warrenton Warriors

  175. Hannah Says:

    i absolutely love pre-wrap! it is so amazing. i use it at volleyball and i just made the regional team for a really exciting league. im excited to be playing and on my team everyone uses prewrap. it would be so cool to win because if i did i would love to have a roll of purple. purple is a huge deal on my team. i recently purchased some purple and was amazed at how fast my team and i used one roll! thank you for starting such an amazing buisness. it has really helped my team.

    i luv pre-wrap!!!!!!:)

  176. Catie Says:

    I use pre wrap for my hair.I also use it to wrap around my thigh before tapping it and when i forget socks fo gym also if i forget socks for soccer practice i wrap it around my shin guard.

  177. Janani Says:

    I use pre-wrap while I train for my marathon! Never fails to keep the hair out of my face while i put in the 60 mile weeks!

  178. Ali Says:

    k so it can be used as a head band or a blister blocker or to wrap an injury or to tape ice to your leg/body part painlessly!

  179. AMICA Says:

    Hola people! I <3 pre-wrap. I use it on my knee (under athletic tape), to help my knee when i’m playing basketball. I also use pre-wrap in my hair as a headband. I noticed that a lot of people have started wearing them!

  180. Krista Says:

    I use pre wrap to wrap my ankles and for my hair… i think you are doing a wonderful job… keep it up

  181. Raelle Alfaro Says:

    I LOVE prewrap! I use it in every sports activity and even just on normal days! It would be so cool if there was a multi-colored prewrap… like tie dye!

  182. katarina Says:

    i love using pre-wrap i get hurt alot and use alot of it. it keeps my skin from reacting to the tape. this store is also very cheap so i can get alot more for less money

  183. Jennifer Says:

    *******i love pre-wrap**********

    Well when my friend came up 2 me and asked my if i wanted some pre-wrap i was like pre-wat? And ever since that day ive just been in love with i wear 2 practice,games,2 my friends house and even 2 bed! no just kinding!But right now i moved 2 a different state and they dont sell pre-wrap and plus im out of $. Soooooooooooo pretty pretty pretty please pick me!!!!!! ill tell all my friends that u guyz r the best website ever!(even thought u guyz r already)
    U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  184. Jennifer Says:

    heya its me again!!! sooooo pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please pick me!!!!!!! thx again

  185. Elisha Says:

    :( .. all my friends have some but i don’t have ANYYYY!! I’ve been trying so hard to get some.. but i can never find it here in canada!!!, i just want to use it… apparently it’s SOOO SOOFFFTTT! I want to experience the softness! my friends won’t let me try it because they want it for themselves!!! aahhhhh… i neeed pre-wrap… plus, my sport seasons are beginning and i’m sick and tired of having uncomfortable plastic headbands from wal-mart that are overly priced … :(

  186. Maddie Says:

    i’ve been using it for like a year now and i absolutly LOVE it!!! i use if for all the sports i play and every time i put my hair up i only use pre-wrap. i would love it if I got a free roll because where ever i go to get it or even look at the price… it’s somewhere around 3.00-5.00 dollars for just one roll!! but i love this website because they are so much cheaper!!


  187. Julie Says:

    OOMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody i know loves pre-wrap. like everyday SOMEONE is wearing pre-wrap and it is AH-mazing.well Volleyball season is coming up and i know i will need some… the last time i was in a total EMERGENCY so i went to the sports store and it was like $4.00 and i flipped out i was like that i so srupid and then it didn’t even last that long.SO i hope you chose me i would love you guys even more than i already do(which is probably impossible!!!) <33 ;)

  188. molly Says:

    omgi looooooooooveeeeee pre wrap !!!!! i wear it in my hair for every sport and like everywhere!!! it rocks !!!! great idea!!how did you thinkn of it ?? my new favorite prewrap color is now lime green it is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute !! i buy all the time !!:) i really really want some free rolls i need more !!! ilove love love love loovee prewrap soooooo plllllllllllllleasssseeeeeeee give me a free roll
    prewrap rocks

  189. Alyssa Says:

    I use pre-wrap for all my sports.
    I ran out of mine though, and am despreatly neeeding more.
    My whole Volleyball team uses Pre-Wrap!

  190. Alyssa Says:

    And they don’t sell it like, anywhere where I live.
    What a rip off.
    I’m thinking about getting the Rainbow Special!

  191. brooke Says:

    i love pre-wrap!!!
    i use for everything
    bball soccer track
    even during school!

  192. Courtney Says:

    I absolutly love pre-wrap i never went to a game with out it and i play 3 sports 2 of them are club. I am always getting hurt so i need my mom to use it for when she tapes my ankle(she an althletic trainer). I wear pre-wrap to school all the time. I am pre-wrap addicted i always have pre-wrape in my hair or for my ankle. What i love to do with pre-wrap is take 3 colors and braide them to make a headband (i use my teams colors) it looks soo cool and it stays in place.

    I love pre-wrap =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =]

  193. Jennifer Says:

    i llllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pre wrap and its awesome!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo pick me!!!!! LOVE

  194. mary Says:

    I use Pre wrap for a belt!

  195. mackenzie Says:

    love it

  196. Erin Says:

    I usualy take three colors of pre- rap and braid them together to make a headband. It looks pretty and has more grip then just a regular strand of pre-wrap. i work at a sports camp and all the campers asked me to make them one because it works so well. : )

  197. Katrina Says:

    I looooove using pre-wrap! almost every girl in my entire school wears pre-wrap during school and at games. I use it for headbands, but it also works really well for ponies, which I wear everyday, for school, basketball practice, and other activities. Once, when my class was going ice-skating, we all wrapped it around our ankles to keep the tight skates from cutting us, and everyone thought it was sooo comfortable. OMG PLEASEEE PICK ME!

  198. Katrina Says:

    I use pre-wrap whenever i need it, for my hair fro my shin guards, for anything. Whoever invented this is amazing because i have curly frizzy hair and without this pre-wrap i don’t think i would be able to play soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Katrina Says:

    also from before i have no more pre-wrap casue i ran out soo yeah i need some more despiratly.

  200. krishna Says:

    hey like i never used pre wrap in my life .
    and i really want one .
    i dont know where to get them lolllllllllllllll.
    so i really would like one .
    please thanks .

  201. ottilly Says:

    our basketball is in deparate ned of some more pre wrap. we cant find it anywhere. so please help us

  202. Leigh Says:

    I use pre-wrap for under my knee, I have been using it for years for all kinds of exercise. But recently when I ran out of it (i had gotten it from my trainer at my university) I couldn’t find any replacement after looking for a months. After finding your site, I am excited about having another color other than nude!

  203. Noelle Says:

    some people I play basketball with use pre-wrap all the time, so one day I asked one of them what it was and she replied “its like wearing a headband made of clouds” haha I thought she was kidding until I tried it now I totally agree but I definitely need to get some of my own because all of my friends get mad at me for taking theirs away!!

  204. Brittany Thompson Says:

    Pre-Wrap is awesome!!! You can use it for so many things, not only for medical purposes, but for your hair to keep those little annoying strands of hair back, but if you are like me and have thick hair and you hairbands are always breaking you can just use pre-wrap for that!! I LOVE IT!!!

  205. Jennifer Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wats up????????????? well i ran out and i need some morree!!!!! pre-wrap isssss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!! its cooler then ice!!!! thanks

  206. Erin Says:

    I’ve used pre wrap for a short amount of time but i am in love with it! The fact that it stays in your hair and it doesnt hurt your head at all amazes me. I recently have gone to a lot of websites to try to find the cheapest way to order a lot. I plan on giving my bestfriend a case of it for her birthday because she LOVES it so much. I use pre wrap for headbands and stuff and it is the only thing I will use for the rest of my soccer career. I LOVE PRE WRAP!

  207. Laura Says:

    I actually just started using pre wrap
    since every head band i use sucks
    or it’s just me that it doesn’t
    stay =]so i’d say pre- rap is
    prettttty cool!
    almost our whole team uses it!
    it is absolutely amazing!

  208. Leah Says:

    I use Pre-Wrap as ribbon for gifts. It works great for finishing touches if I don’t have any ribbon. And when I use it for that purpose the person who is receiving the gift also gets Pre-Wrap for any use that they want.
    It also makes great necklaces, especially chokers!
    And it is good for on the Christmas Tree. You can buy red and string it around like garland. It works great for putting ornaments on the tree too.
    And it works great as streamers at a party!
    Thanks for the pre-wrap!
    I will use it every day, and i only have two colors, but they get so much use!

  209. Amanda Says:

    i <3 pre wrap. i’ve ordered from your site multiple times. i use pre wrap to keep my hair back when playing lacrosse and for field hockey i use it under my helmet and it works amazing. during the summer i have used it to tie up my shirt. i also have knee problems on both knees and when i use it right under my knee it works wonder :) for christmas this year i gave all my cousins pre wrap and they all loved it. also in lacrosse one day i wrapped it over my shoe laces so they wouldnt come undone and it stayed on all practice! i use it all the time for everything and i love it !!!

  210. Ally Says:

    I play Field Hockey and Lacrosse pre- wrap is a big deal in my house we use it for everything from headbands knee braces putting it on your ipod head phones so when your running they dont slip out and keep your head phones from getting dirty we also use it for when we our getting blisters from our shoes I also used it when i did my friends locker for our big playoff game
    thanks alot

  211. Dulce Sanchez Says:

    -Wow Where do I start! I’m In Basket Ball and Im always in the need for pre wrap! Its Great! Awsome. I recomend it to anybody who is in a sport. I also use it because no boddy pins are allowed during games; therefore, Pre wrap is always the answer and the solution! I would like to win :) but I mostly would Like everyone to Trie It :)


    Best Wishes.

  212. Erin Says:

    i use pre wrap for grip on golf clubs, i wrap my feet with it before i figure skate, i wear it in my hair, i am ALWAYS coming up with new ways to use it!!! I love pre wrap!!! :)

  213. Summer Says:

    i LOVE pre-wrap!
    i save every penny i get to buy it.

    i wear it every day and i give it to my friends all the time.

    in volleyball everyone has pre-wrap. i think most of them got it from this website because a lot of people had lime green and pink and other colors i havent seen in stores.

    i used it to “pre-wrap” my finger when i broke it and i use it in my hair every single day.

  214. Lexi Palmiter Says:

    I LOVE pre-wrap i always use it for headbands during volleyball. it is especially good because u cant have metal in your hair for games so it is perfect! my friends alway ask me for it and i run out FAST!! i also use it a lot during basketball and track for my ankles. i really want to order a bunch more rolls but my mom doesnt think that i need more than one roll at a time…i mean how can people live without more than one at a time??? I love pre-wrap sooooo much and i want to have like 50 rolls of every color!!!!!! addicted lol
    ~Lexi <3

  215. Ellie Says:

    I love pre wrap. My friend and I have pre wrap wars. We could throw it at eachother for hours on end. We even send emails saying we want to throw it at eachother! I also use it at school and for soccer. It works great on scrapes too. I lOVE pre wrap!

  216. ang Says:

    pre-wrap is awesome i us in all my soccer games , and my training my team mates always want to use my pre-wrap!because i bring mine because some colers are good luck , and bad luck im the one wo has the good luck colers!so i would like free pre-wrap!

  217. Linda Says:

    Pre-wrap is a riot!! I’m just starting to love this stuff. Too bad I only have two colors :( hahaha all of my friends love this. And I now should start carrying around a roll..because a lot of girls have their pre-wrap headbands break just like today when my friend came asking me for some and I didn’ have any in my gym locker! I wish you guys had a pre-wrap store right in the store and I would totally buy every single color!! I almost wear it every single day.

  218. Maddi Snyder Says:

    I use pre-wrap for my hair during sports and even school. it really dose the job! I also use it on my ankel that i sprained duting volley ball. My friend always ask if they can use it because we cant have metal clips or hard headbands. i have gone through 3 rolls this basketball season and it is not even half over. I recomend pre-wrap to alot of the teams we meet in tournament because i love it so much.

  219. Kayla Says:

    I love pre wrap it is the best I have 5 colors. My friend got me wearing them every day. she gave one to me to try. She said it keeps your hair out of your face. and I tryed it and it works. Know I were if in my hair everyday.Pre wrap also got me wearing my hair up.

  220. Michaela Says:

    I LOVE pre-wrap, like everyone else. I used to wear those headbands with the grippy thingies , which are like $5 for a pack of 2. Then my friend introduced me to pre-wrap, which is wayyy cheaper, has brighter colors, and I like it more since it’s stretchier. I swim and play ice hockey. It really helps during hockey since i’m all sweaty, and it’s pretty hard to keep hair from sticking to my helmet/face. During swimming, it helps my hair stay in a bun inside the cap, and I use it as a headband during wait. It also looks great on my swim bag, and I use it as gauze. Thank you! I LOVE
    pre-wrap, I just ordered my 3rd ”rainbow package”!!!!

  221. Celena Says:

    Pre-wrap has made my daughter’s life way easier! When my daughter is playing soccer, basketball, volleyball or even running in cross-country, I constantly see her having to stop and adjust even her “non-slip” headbands! It is very frustrating. They eventually roll off her head. But since she has started wearing pre-wrap as a headband, she has more time to concentrate on “her game”! No more fuss!!! YaY Pre-Wrap!!!!!

  222. Anthony Says:

    I use pre-wrap as an Achilles tendon support and patella knee supports. Sometimes I use like it was “intended”- like pre-wrap hehe. I never heard of prewrap before and often needed support from medical tape. The medical tape would pull my skin and hair- very painful. It’s a cheaper and pain-free alternative to medical tape for tendon supports.

  223. Rebecca C Says:

    I do gymnastics with tons of friends. we all use tons of pre wrap. Then main thing we do is obvious in a way. We use it to “pre – wrap” ourselves before using athletic tape on us. Its helpful if we have minor injuries. Also we use them as hair bands. to do that we measure out how long it is around our heads then rip the pre wrap. then tie it, and use it to hold our hair back. also, since the wrap comes in so many different colors, we tie them in our hair like ribbons in colors that match our leotards. Also we can mark our gymnastics bags so we know which ones are ours. there are endless ways to use pre-wrap!

  224. Hayley E Says:

    pre wrap is great. i always use it for my hair when i play volleyball my friends on my team and i all have different colors, so then we swap and braid them together. our hair looks so cute ! (:

  225. lexi Says:

    hey here is a sotory when i first got my pre-wrap. i was over at my friends house and her brothers friends came over.They were girls. they just got new pre-wrap. my and my friend both wanted some. they gave us some and ever since then i have became ubessed with pre-wrap. then we were at the winter walk we bought some i got blue she got hot pink. i wear it like every day when i wear my hair up. most of my friends have pre-wrap. i really would like some more. although my mom does not like the green in my hair idk!!!

  226. Natasha B Says:

    hey i love pre wrap its so great to use and its really cheap i always keep one colour in my bag i have about 25

  227. Natasha B Says:

    tessa i hav a Q. do you always wear pre wrap

  228. Liz Says:

    I play soccer and recently i made the track team for my school,, i use pre wrap everyday at practices and games/meets; i also use it on my injuries. i luvv pre wrap because it makes everything so colorful and more fun. :]

  229. jordan c. Says:

    I love pre-wrap!!!
    Ever since i started using it for basketball I have never played basketball without it in my hair!!I think only once it came out my whole season!I couldnt live without my pre-wrap! I would like u girls to make more colors like school colors an exmample my school colors r red white and navy blue u should totally make the color navy blue i would buy a lot of it and im sure the girls from my school would SO buy it!!

  230. Beth Says:

    OMG! i LOVE pre-wrap!! I wear it every day!! I was soooo excited when the lime green came out cuz its my fav color!!!

  231. Beth Says:

    OMG!! i LOVE pre-wrap!!! I play basketball and it works FABOULOUS! I was sooooo excited when lime green came out cuz its my all time fav. color!!!! TWO THUMBS UP FOR PRE-WRAP!!! =D

  232. Viktoria Says:

    i have never had pre wrap I have only used it once from my friend from my travel soccer team.Most of the people on my team have it only I don’t (and someother people don’t and there on my team to) Thats why I really want it..I don’t even care what color I just really want 1

  233. H.E.N Says:

    The Pre-wrap is A life saver at. I play soccer as a goal keeper and i had my hair in my face at a practice once and was missing goals left and write. SO my friend gave me some of the ever so coolieo Pre-wrap and i did not miss another. I said gee , I have to get me some of that green stuff. My bf Bicket just told me about the web sight,right after she handed me a peice. It holds better than any head band! I would wear it day in and day out. Thank the Soccer Lords for Pre-wrap COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOlieo

  234. ileana Says:

    i loovvveeeeeeee preee wrappp!!!!

  235. lexi Says:

    OMG i would really like to get free pre warp. i use it like every day. my friends and i all use it. i use it on my knee when i went skiing after i fell. yeah yeah i fell. but i really like it i got my first roll at champian sports in my home town. i really live it sometimes my sister and i fight over it. she uses my because she doen’t have any. i really want the lime green pre warp. i only have like 2 colors.

  236. griffin Says:

    hey i use pre wrap everyday and i even used it at a wedding reception and on special events i am insane about pre-wrap i play basketball soccer softball and golf and i use it in every sport my hair feels wierd if its not on my head i order prewrap on here tooo.:)

  237. chelsi Says:

    pre wrap is the best!

  238. Emily Says:

    A soccer-playing friend of mine introduced me to pre-wrap… now I use it under hiking boots, as a head band, under swim caps… it really has 100 different uses! I love that it’s so cheap, and comes in so many colors.

  239. Lara Says:

    I love pre-wrap! I use it on my knee before I fence.

  240. Maria Says:

    i LOVE sports but nothing else would keep it in place! my parents bought some for me, and at the mall i saw someone with it in! so i tried it. i <3 it! ive been buying it at Dicks sporting goods in the 2 pack. my friend at school had lime green in and asked where she got it! it was ur website! so for my bday im going to try to convince them to get some from my parents!!!!!!!!!

  241. Maria Says:

    i also use it for soccer, running,basketball, and vball! don’t forget school!

  242. Karah Says:

    Pre wrap has to be one of the best things ever invented. I wear it everyday, any occasion. I have all of the colors, but I always buy more! You girls are so awesome and thanks so much! :D

  243. jordy Says:

    hey i think you should get some more colors like navy blue because there is a lot of basketball or sports teams that have navy blue in their uniform and like regular clothes do too!Get some bright colors!!!!!

  244. Chloe Says:

    pre-wrap is the best, i love all of the colors!

  245. Jackie Says:

    I play college soccer and pre-wrap is the perfect headband. It keeps my hair out of my face and matches my uniform! I’m always sharing with my teammates and it keeps us looking color coordinated!

  246. Andrea Says:

    I Love Pre-Wrap! If I could marry it I would! =). I use it for every softball game I play in, and i’m the pitcher so it gets in your face CONSTANTLY!
    And when your batting it’s in your face! I hate that. But, then i got PRE-WRAP! And I cannot live without it. My friend Hannah, & I wear to school every single day. We think Pre-Wrap is THE BEST! I wear it for sports, and for fashion.
    Also it’s very handy if you get an injury. My friend Amber gets injuries all the time, and I always have Pre-Wrap so I use for alot of reasons. Well….I always use it in many ways!



  247. Courtney Says:

    Pre-wrap if awesome. i play soccer,basketball,softball,volleyball,and do track so i’m always on the go and pre-wraps so quick to use. I use pre-wrap for my hair (of course),to hold my shirt sleeves up,also to hold my socks up in soccer, and i braid them as bracelets for my friends and braid them for my hair.Also its so hard to find different colors in stores, and online there usually so expensive but on u guys are pretty cheap on the rolls plus u have like all the colors that i need.THANKS A LOT!

  248. Adrianna Escobedo Says:

    This is my first year playing travel softball and it is very different from what I am used to but so much fun!! I was in a real slump because my team has girls that have played for years and it is a bit scary!! I was sitting alot during most of our games and it was hard to understand why….but then my coach and I spoke and from then on out I have been playing! MY TIP: DONT GIVE UP!! ITS ROUGH AT FIRST BUT KEEP PUSHING! I TOLD MY COACH YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO KNOW MY ABILITY IF I KEEP SITTING!! AND HE GAVE ME A CHANCE AND I THINK I AM DOING WELL NOW! NEVER QUIT….ALWAYS PLAY HARD AND IT WILL HAPPEN! LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU BRING IT 110% ALL THE TIME!! GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOU DO!! ADRIANNA E.

  249. dani Says:

    I use pre-wrap for all the sports i play soccer, vollyball, lacrosse, and basketball. i use it for my hair and for most of the injuries. i buy pre-wrap religously and i love it! i love how there are sooo many different colors it looks soo awesome when i braid them and where them in my hair! pre-wrap is awesomeee. :D

  250. Julia Says:

    i love pre- wrap i never mess with my hair during the game and you can braid three colors to make it look super cute PICK ME!!

  251. Jamie Says:

    I use pre-wrap in a lot of ways. Ofcourse in my hair, but also in soccer I wear it under my shinguards because I have really sensitive skin and it rubs on my skin and dries it out, but with pre-wrap i don’t have to worry about that. (:

  252. Elena Says:

    i play so many sports and pre-wrap is a life saver! in soccer i got hurt and injured my ankle so i just wrapped it up in pre-wrap and kept playing. and in basketball when i have knee pains i wrap it up! and it holds back my jersey sleeves and my socks in basketball! when im bored and waiting somewhere or going on long trips i pack pre wrap and braid it!! i love it!! there r so many cool colors!!

  253. Nastassja Says:

    use prewrap under your knee pads to make them more comfy

  254. Jessie Says:

    i’ve never used it before but i’ll use it for my hair

  255. hannah Says:

    i want some so bad!

  256. Ingrid Says:

    It was the championship game for school, and we had to shoot a penalty goal, and I was on the roster to shoot. I had a really bad scab that had fallen on on my knee. My knee was throbbing in pain! The knee part of the shin guard was rubbing up on my knee. Then I had a spark of genius! I dove into my hockey bag and pulled out my trusty, purple, pre-wrap! I wrapped it around my knee a few times, and it worked! I leaped over the rink wall, out of our box and stood in the center of the rink. I skated down the rink staring the goalie straight in the eyes. I pulled my stick back, shot the puck, GOAL!!! WE WON STATE! Now I always use purple pre-wrap! God bless the stuff!

  257. Taylor Says:

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP ! i braid the pre-wrap and make braclets and headbands. i mix and match colors on what colors i am wearing and i love the stuff so much ! i couldnt live without it :) it helps tons in sports 2 keep the hair out of your eyes ! i recommend it 2 anyone who plays sports or is just creative.

  258. catherine Says:

    i reallly want some pre wrap because my mom woulnt let me get some

  259. Callie Says:

    OMG I love pre-wrap but I run out so fast so I need some more I love the new colors. The old ones were so well BLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. Mikaylee Says:

    so I just got home from minnesota & while I was up there my aunt asked me if I knew what pre-wrap was & I was like huh?! what the heck is that? I’ve always had a problem keeping the hair out of my face, I’ve tried plastic & elastic headbands but nothing has worked for me… :-/ as a floridian, hair stuck to my forehead is so irritating!!! my aunt was ordering it to sell in her school store & now I’m jealous. I especially love all the bright colors =)

  261. jas Says:

    I have bangs and I use prewrap to keep the hair out my face during a basketball game.

  262. Michelle Says:

    I use pre-wrap when I am having a really bad hair day, especially with my bangs. If I don’t fold it in half, It can cover more hair, which flattens it all on my head so I don’t have to worry about static. It’s probably one of the best things I have seen. I also really like it for soccer, because its better than anything, and plus, we aren’t allowed to use bobby pins or metal objects, along with the plastic headbands, so pre-wrap is a lifesaver!!!!

  263. casey Says:

    i ordered some blue pre-wrap and it great but i really want to get some orange. but i didn’t konow that 2 pre-wraps is the same as the price of one :-(

  264. treece Says:

    Sorry it wasn’t clear. We have a two-roll minimum due to shipping costs. Usually we add an extra roll if the order is within the U.S.

  265. jordan Says:

    I just love pre-wrap because I’m a basketball player and I always want my hair to stay up so I use pre-wrap.

    And plastic headbands always irritate the back of my ears, and you can’t feel a thing with pre-wrap

  266. Hayley Says:

    I put it in my hair to get rid of flyaways at cheerleading.

  267. Lauren Says:

    i love prewrap. its so easy to use because you can just rip a piece, tie it and go. i use it for soccer and lacrosse and just too wear out. i also like to make braids with 3 colors to make a cute headband for whenever.

  268. Ariel Says:

    I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and have always had unruly hair, not only does it not stay in its place but because it is so straight and soft hair ties, clips, bobby pins and or other headbands slip right out and its a constant bother to try and keep them in my hair. During a state championship for my U13 team awhile back my headband ( just a traditional Adidas band) feel around my neck and was used by the an opponent to grab and pull me to the ground. Having received a concussion and potential choking we turned away from headbands, since we have found pre-wrap and I have been using it since I was 11. Seven years later you will find pre-wrap in my hair on the volleyball court, under my kneepads, active ankle guards, and hair. On the soccer field as a patella knee support, around shin guards to hold them in place, under the fold of the sock to hold them up, and as well as track I use it in my hair to finally hold my hair back without it slipping away or giving me painful headaches.

    Our club team is a colorful rainbow of pre-wrap, I usually wear the pink but we have every color possible in our players hair and we love it!

  269. Ashley Holmes Says:

    Everyone on my mew basketball teeam used pre-wrap, and at frist I had no idea what it was… untill one day when I forgot my headband and used some from a friend I instantly wanted some for myself. I searched stores everywhere but no one had what i was looking for.I am officaly OBSESSED WITH PRE-WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. Alex Says:

    I absolutely LOVE pre-wrap. I use it so much its ridiculous! In soccer for my hair since metal and plastic clips aren’t allowed, in basketball for tendinitis, in volleyball under my kneepads(they rub SO much sometimes!), and in virtually everything i do i use pre-wrap. The list goes on and on and I LOVE it!

  271. makayla Says:

    me and my friends wear pre wrap 24/7! we found out about it during basketball and track. we use it to hold back our bangs during athletic stuff because we are all bffs and tomboys. i live by pre wrap nd i asked for all the colors for my birthday! i love pre wrap nd i wear it evry single day. thanx 2 who ever created pre wrap!!!!!!

  272. Emily Says:

    Hi! I’ve never used pre-wrap before but a lot of my friends love it! I might order some pre-wrap from your website! I love the lime green color! I play basketball and my friends use it all the time even when their not playing sport. :)

  273. marie Says:

    Every one in my team used pre-wrap…All the girl have at least 4 colour…My coach give us some sometime…It’s very cool and now all the team are coping us.`Sometime we goes in touernemant and girl get some emegenrcy and we colorfurld pre-wrap and every body ask us where we get that
    Plizz i am obbseeeseeeé.
    Give it to me and you will have more customer

  274. Hannah Says:

    I use pre-wrap not only to keep fly-aways out of my hair during field hockey, but I also use it underneath my shinguards! Pre-wrap is perfect for everything, foamy, but not sticky, so everything stays in place.

  275. Hunter Says:

    I am OBSESSED with pre-wrap!!! I love it so much I use it for my hair and it keeps all my hair out of my face and that is really important because I play softball and dont want to be pulling my hair back every five seconds!!! LOL

  276. Lauren Says:

    I am a Mom, but I love to workout. I didnt know anything about pre-wrap until I asked my babysitter what she was using as a headband, it was pre-wrap. I picked some up at the store last week and I LOVE IT!! I keep a roll in my gym bag and a roll in the car. It is the best. I can even use it on my 2 year old daughter. It is the only thing she will keep in her hair. It’s so light I don’t think she even feels it. I LOVE PRE-WRAP!

  277. Hailey Says:

    I love pre-wrap! It is the only thing that keeps my hair up when i play basketball, volleyball, and run track! It doesnt fall out of my hair while i am playing! All my teammates use it too!! I love the different colors! I always order my pre-wrap off of because i can get a lot of fun different colors! And not a lot of people from my team have ever seen the colors that I have! So I tell them about and now they order there pre-wrap off of here too !

  278. Mary Margaret Says:

    OOMMGG!! Pre-Wrap is AMAZING!! Like NO LIE!!! I love it!! I wish I could marry it… oh well noo but please give it to me!!!!! I love it because it is not only cute but it is also comfortable. like when you wear it as a headband it like doesnt give you a headache and like it is soft and ohhhh ahhh!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! :)

  279. Lynnie Says:

    I’ve been told that pre-wrap is THE best way to prevent blisters during the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. If anyone has tips for wrapping feet, I’d love to hear them!

  280. rachel Says:

    I love prewrap. i have short hair and in volleyball it always keeps the hair out of my face. i also wear prewrap on a regular basis.

  281. Claire Says:

    OMG!! pre wrap saves my life i have 48 rolls and give them to my friends great for headbands and knee braces also great to have on hand for any un planned injuries i sprained my ankel and the coach was out of prewrap so i pulled out my lime green and handed it to her. just a good thing to have around i tell all of my friends about your website none of us buy from sport stores any more

  282. Lou-lou Says:

    I play soccer and I get a rash from my shinguards, the pre-wrap prevents it from getting worse! I just ordered a lot of rolls and I’m excited to get them! :) I also love using prewrap for my hair, it hold back my hair easier, its convenient, and its easy to tear and tie. I LOVE PRE-WRAP! :)

  283. Maddy Says:

    OMG i LUV pre-wrap!!!! i wear it all the time! My favorite color pre-wrap is purple because it is my favorite color! but unfortunatly i dont have purple! i only have 1 roll and it is black. kinda boring! So i am planning to get some more soon! I use orange sometimes when my friend gives me orange pre-wrap for gym. I luv it soo much! I am so obsessed! Hopefully I can get all of the colors! That would rock!

  284. Maddy Says:

    I LOVE pre-wrap SO much!!!! I use it EVERYDAY! Its great for headbands and under shinguards so you dont get blisters. And its also lightweight so you can barely feel a thing! One time when i was writing a report i would get blisters on my finger sooo i quickly grabbed my pre-wrap, wrapped some pre-wrap around my pencil and started writing. No more blisters! Since the pre-wrap is soo soft it prevents from getting blisters! I think everyone who plays sports should buy a roll of pre-wrap. Especially from! Its a cheap price and no shipping in the US! How cool is that?! Im totally obsessed with pre-wrap!:)

  285. shelb Says:

    i had no clue what all the people at school were wearing in their hair so i fanally asked my friend, hey were do you get that stuff??? she said oh you can get it at sport stores. well i decided to look it up and found this website. she gave me some pre wrap i put it in my hair and i was instantly addicted. i love how it doesnt slip when im running the school mile, and playing soccer,softball,and volleyball.its the best thing on the market i have seen for girls hair and sporting goods.

  286. Kalie Says:

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP!! I am a pointe dance for 3 years now and cant find anything but pre-wrap to prevent blisters. Its perfect. Its thin strechy and un noticable. I am always getting new colors for my dance friends. This has been our inside joke kinda christmas presents. we always buy each other new colors for birthdays, christmas, easter and we even made up a pre-wrap day! March 13 the day we discovered pre – wrap. I have 15 rolls and love them to pieces! It is also great on my hair! i wear glasses so headbands get in my way or hurt my head but this doesent even bother me!1 I LOVE PRE -WRAP!!

  287. Emily Says:

    I absolutely love pre-wrap! I wear it in a headband with a knot. I like to roll the headband thinner instead of keeping it thick and flat. Sometimes I braid it too. I have an idea for you. How about a tie dye pre-wrap or combinations of colors all put together in one roll. I think that would look pretty sweet. :)

  288. rose Says:

    pre wrap is so cool you can use it for so many things hair for an injury lets say your in a russ and you need a headband for your hair so easy to you pre wrap comes in so many colors and is so light you feel like you have nothing in your hair I use pre wrap every day I also take 3 peaice and brade it and its so cool and looks so funnky in your hair I love pre wrap

    Wrap the pre-wrap around your thigh twice.
    Roll the pre-wrap down your leg and off.
    Use as a headband. there you go no not thats how you do it if you dont whant a not.I LOVE PRE WRAP

  289. Abigail Says:

    Wow! Pre-wrap is a must on my softball team! We all have at least five rolls of it in our bat bags. We use it for hair, injuries, knee braces, annything! It is so fun! Most of us like to braid our team colors: lime green, blue, and white toggether aand wear it. Pre-wrap is the greatest. It helps so much!

  290. Joy From Toys For Tots Says:

    Need some help from users- Do you think this would work as armbands for a Charity Parade’s Volunteers? Need something inexpensive to identify Volunteers during a December Motorcycle Parade, but not damage winter coats and leather. So girls-Do you think this would work?

  291. Elizabeth Hildebrand Says:

    My daughters (ages 13 and 15) are pre-wrap fanatics. They were SO excited the other day when they saw a bright new supply at the club where they work out at. I’m going to have to keep this site in mind so I can stock them up as Christmas presents! YAY – Pre-Wrap ROCKS!!!

  292. Emily Says:

    I am on a travel softball team called the Angels, all of my teammates have pre-wrap, and sadly I am the only one without it! My friends let me use theirs, but I would still like to have my own. I love pre-wrap, as a pitcher, you would not believe how much it helps me, it keeps my bangs out of my face. And once I got a blister on my hand and my glove was rubbing against it, so i took a poece of pre-wrap, and it was all good!!

  293. Marisa Says:

    Today I saw a girl in school wearing some pre-wrap but I didn’t know what it was at the time. When I asked her what it was, she said it was pre-wrap and I thought it was so cool! My neighbor who I carpool with also wears pre-wrap, but I never thought to ask her. I just ordered 5 rolls today, and I hope they come soon! Everyone on this site seems to LOVE pre-wrap, so I hope I do too!

  294. Reese Says:

    Pre-wrap is amazing! I have tried almost every method for using pre-wrap. I love to make headbands, but I also use it for my injuries. It makes a good cushion underneath the tape. I absolutely LOVE the color orange, but I haven’t been able to get that color. I hope you pick me because I am seriously obsessed with pre-wrap! You guys are awesome; thank you!

  295. Lauren Says:

    We always have hard time finding pre-wrap in our school colors. I was so excited to find it here that I just ordered some for myself and ordered lots extra to use as Secret Sister gifts. It is hard to find something nice that is less than the $10 limit for our weekly gift exchanges. This is going to be perfect!!

  296. Re-G Says:

    OMG! I love pre-wrap. It’s so useful in any sport, anywhere. One time, I actually used it to decorate my crutches when I had a sprained ankle! It’s so easy and it never falls out! The coach of my soccer team this year kept like 6 rolls of it in the med case. The colors were awesome too! PREWRAP IS THE BEST!

  297. Mackenzie Says:

    hey! i loooovvee pre-wrap i had almost every color tell my friend stole them! hate her now shes a pre wrap stealer! lol :P

  298. sabrina Says:

    i have heard of pre wrap from my friends at school they said to buy it online but i’m not allowed to purchase things online so if i could win it it would be awesome. pre wrap is the most amazing things i’ve ever seen u can do anything with it!!!!!!!!!!

  299. Lauren Says:

    I love to use pre-wrap for sports! I use it in baseketball, soccer, and track. It’s great because you rip a piece off and you have a headband!! My favorite color is light blue. Pre-wrap really works for sports and for just a cute head band when you’re going some where! PRE-WRAP is greeeeat :)

  300. catlin ervine Says:

    hii I LOVE PRE-WRAP i see girls in my school wear it as head bands and i ask them for some they always say no and im not cool enough. so i think its cool and its awesome. i want these colors purple, lime, orange and blue i love it

  301. MJ Says:

    I LUV pre-wrap!
    I use it for bandages, jewelry, sweatbands and of course headbands!
    I love this stuff and ask for it all of the time!

  302. MS Says:

    Thanks for introducing pre-wrap!

    I love this stuff! Thanks you guys are so awesome!

  303. dalia Says:

    i wear pre wrap all the time. when im playing basketball or just need something to hold my bangs back. Other sports headbands always slide off my head, but pre wrap never does. i love it.

  304. leah Says:

    whether I am going out for a run, going to the gym, playing basketball, wrestling, or having a fitness class at school, I always use pre-wrap because it holds my hair back like no other competing headbands. I absolutely love pre-wrap and I can always use it! <3 :)

  305. Tatti Says:

    Pre-wrap is my hero! :)
    It holds better then any other headband and I love the stretchy material! :)
    I use it whenever I exercise because it really grips on my hair without sliding off.
    And I love the many colors it comes in, veery cute! <3 My teammates also use pre-wrap because they know its the best. I can always use pre=wrap for when I work up a sweat. What a perfect invention, haha :)

  306. Marisa Says:

    Pre-wrap is so amazing! I’ve been using it for about 2 months, and I am already addicted. If anyone is questioning whether to buy it or not, I would definitely say yes! Pre-wrap is excellent at keeping long or short hair back. I use it for sports, and just to wear to school. I haven’t got injured yet, so I don’t know about that. However, I do use it on my pencils. When I write, I tend to get a callous, so I just wrapped a little piece of pre-wrap around it, and TA-DAH! Now, I don’t get a callous anymore! Pre-wrap is a miracle worker! I love to use it, but I just ran out. I’d love to get a free roll so I can continue to have a great hair and callous preventing product! Thank you so much for making such a great website! I never get my pre-wrap from anywhere else!

  307. Marisa Says:

    Sorry, I just realized I made a mistake. If you do happen to pick me, which would be awesome because I’d really like to enjoy pre-wrap again, the last number in my email is 9 not 0. The correct email address is what is put with this post. Thanks guys! I love pre-wrap and use it in all sorts of ways! It would be awesome if I could get some because my family can’t afford any right now. But whatever you guys decide, I’ll still be a big fan! :)

  308. Rissy Says:

    Hi guys! I am in love with pre-wrap! It is an amazing product and I use it for many things. I use it, of course, for my hair. It works wonders, especially because I just got a haircut. I also use it when I get paper cuts instead of band-aids. Some people think that’s weird, but it honestly works. For little cuts like paper cuts, pre-wrap is the answer! Also, I use it for any of my injuries under your athletic tape. Once, I had a sprained ankle, and the tape really irritated my skin. So, I just put a little pre-wrap and it didn’t hurt anymore. Those are just a few ways that I use pre-wrap. I love your website, and I only order my pre-wrap and athletic tape from here! I love all colors! It would be great if you guys could pick me! :)

  309. Orange County Hair Salon Says:

    Thats actually very cool!

  310. kelly Says:

    OMG:)!!!! I LOOOOVE PREWRAP!!! i first started using it in softball bout a year ago and i’m hooked. so i started using it for fav thing 2 do is braid and twist new headbands an now my frend introduced me 2 zebra prewrap its the coolest!!! I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE PREWRAP!!!!!

  311. Mj3456 Says:

    Hi! My friends wear pre-wrap an I have seen it on a bunch of baseball and basketball players. It looks really cool, cute, and fashionable. I told my mom about it but she didn’t order it. I play softball and basketball. I think this would be great for me and I would love to have a chance to try it.

  312. Jonathan Espinoza Says:

    hey you use prewrap for many things like bandages, headbands, and other things. pre wrap is cool

  313. Dayanne Says:

    I lovv pre-wrap!!;]
    i do gymnastics n i use it to help support my wrist and ankle when i hurt it. u really use pre-wrap to help support but no duhh u can use it to wrap around ur head or watever lol. yah i would buy more pre-wrap but i have to have a paypal. bye

  314. Paige Says:

    Help!! I love pre wrap but cannot find the zebra stiped one. Can any one help me?

  315. Mini Says:

    Wow, I really can’t begin to describe pre-wrap! I wear it almost everyday, and it really does hold hair back. Now, I’m going to be honest, I already have the rainbow special. But, I can’t get enough pre-wrap, and I’m sure many of the people who commented plus Tessa and Laura agree! All over the website there are the words,”Obsessed with pre-wrap”, and almost everyone here has used that word at least once. Well, I’d say that “obsessed” definitely describes me and how I feel about pre-wrap. Since I have ordered, I’ve gotten my sister hooked on it. My cousin claimed that headbands weren’t her thing, but she has ordered two rolls from this website. My friend who usually bought expensive, boring colored pre-wrap in stores, is now a big customer of In February, 2009, my dad lost his job. It’s been tough, and we have to live without some of the things we took for granted, but I can’t say life is horrible. I’m glad that we still have a house to live in, and food to eat. However, I know that because of this, I’m not able to get as much pre-wrap as I’d like. That is why I commented here today. I don’t know if the contest is still going on, but if it is here is my story. Basically, I just use pre-wrap in my hair, which I am already amazed at how well that works! Since I know that I won’t be able to purchase anymore pre-wrap for a long time, I find myself wanting it even more, which I know sounds really greedy, but is true! Oh, I just think how wonderful it would be to have the 64 mega pack of pre-wrap. Maybe, by the time I get to college, I’ll have enough money to buy that. Thanks for supplying such a great product. I love your website!


  316. Kathleen Says:

    Hey Everyone!
    OH MY GOSH, I am absolutly in love with pre wrap. I use it for almost everything. I use it in my hair, under athletic tape when I did gymnastics, braclets, and much much more. I use it for everything I even like to use it for fun to pretend that I hurt myself like it’s a cast. I love pre wrap. I love all the colors too. I ask for pre wrap all the time. Hair bands of pre wrap stay in really well as well. If you don’t have pre wrap yet, your nuts!! Get some pre wrap if you don’t have it. I love it. Come on get some if you don’t have it, or ask a friend about it and maybe you can borrow some. You should try to braid your pre wrap then use it as a hair band or as a bow in your hair. I love pre wrap and always will.

    In Love With Pre Wrap

  317. brandon Says:

    i use pre wrap every day i use it for my t shirt sleves my feet when i play soccer my hair i go throw about 5 or 6 rolles every 2 mounths i love pre wrap soooo pleas i need more pre wrap

  318. Mariah Says:

    Hi! I see people wearing pre-wrap all the time. I really like how it looks and if it works as well as everyone says it does that would be awesome! I love all the colors I’ve seen to. I hope to try it out some time.

  319. Natalie Soto Says:

    My sis introduced me to prewrap. she was a soccer player in high school and i was in my senior year of nursing school. It was amazing stuff. i have very thick hair and headbands were always either to tight or slide off. Pre wrap stayed put. Now i work in the neonatal intensive care unit and i never have to worry if my hair is going to get in my face when i take care of a little one!!!!

  320. Terri Says:

    I love pre-wrap. It started when I was in high school (way back in the ’90s). My soccer team would use it as hairbands & to keep our sleeves rolled up. When I recently started back into jogging, I realized how much I had missed my pre-wrap. I’ve again found my long lost love.

  321. luv d@ pr3 wr@p!!!! Says:

    Omg!!!! i <3 pre wrappp!!!! i have zebra, GREEN PEACE SIGNS, and purple!!!!!

  322. jessy Says:

    i use it in sports all the time and in gym class, but is really cool at my school is everyone is is wearing them as belts and bracelets…it is soo cool

  323. Marissa Says:

    I’ve been out of high school for a decade, but I wear pre-wrap every morning at the gym and even have been known to wear it folded in half as a hairband to the office. Whenever I wear pre-wrap in public it never fails that someone asks me about it and I point them to this website. I love how you can wear it all day and it never becomes uncomfortable (unlike every other hairband I’ve ever worn). For those of us with curly hair, its the ultimate hair accessory.

  324. desiree Says:

    i love pre wrap i wear it everyday at school,on the field,at the gym,in the dance studio, at home, at on fancy occasions! i have long side bangs but they are to short to fit into my ponytail and it really helps getting my bangs out of my face. i have almost every color atnd i just got the new sky blue the only colors i dont have is teal, lemon yellow, and white. i even have Zebra!! i would litterly die with out prewrap!!!! on my birthdayk for lots of things but the main things on my list are all the new colors of pre wra p and the colors of pre wrap that i am running low. pre wrap is the one hadband that doet slide off your hair. i also use pre wrap for braclets and chokers! you can braid it and many other thing like twisting it!!!!!!! never use anything else then pre wrap! pre wrap is my hair hero! who cant like pre wrap! with one little roll you can accorize a who outfit. all my Sporty friend wear it as headbands. i wear it as other accories too though. it hasnt made it to the girly girls yet but i have brought rolls to school and they sometimes ask if they can use it. i love pre wrap sooooooo much. PEACE OUT i mean PRE-WRAP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Maddy Says:

    Where can I find zebra prewrap?!?!?!

  326. Taylor Says:

    i use prewrap 4 when i hurt my leg, a fashon braclet, a headband, and to brighten myself up on a day that im feeling blue

  327. Katie Says:

    Where can I find ZRBRA pre-wrap i have looked everywhere!!!!
    Help please!!!!

  328. Bridgette Weaver Says:

    My daughter has been in competitve gymnastics since 2006 and not until 2008 did she getr her first real injury which required pre-wrap before actual taping…. She’s been hooked ever since, but hasn’t had to use it for an injury for almost a year… However we still buy, color after color after color. I am pretty sure we have them all, they keep the “whisps” of hair out of her face, which now at Level 7, really bother her mind-set. SO THANK YOU, and her coach thanks you as well… It hasn’t taken long for the fad to catch on at the gym, now all the mom’s buy!!! Fantastic Product!!

  329. Maria Sommer Says:

    i use it 4 sports since headbands wont stay in my hair. I love Pre-Wrap.

  330. Maria Sommer Says:

    i use it in my hair

  331. liza pastore Says:

    hey there. iv seen some of my firends that play soccer and other sports wearing it all the time and i asked then were they got it from and they told me pre-wrap .com and i like the way it looks and how it never messes your hair up and how you can ware it for anything they gave me a pice and i wear it all the time beacuse its the only pice i have it would be great if i could get more. i will be sure to tell everyone i no about your website!! have a great day bye.

  332. destiny Says:

    plz i really want 1 i need one for my hare plz i will give u moneys

  333. Hailiegh Says:

    i use it in my hair but my friends give it to me cause i can’t get anywhere to buy it!!!!!!

  334. GT Says:

    My FH team always had wisps of hair in their eyes, until my friend brought prewrap. I’m hooked!! =D

  335. Renee Says:

    Hey, I use pre-wrap for Track, Soccer, and to make cool stuff, i would love to get my hands on some Zebra Pre-Wrap!

  336. Yadira Says:

    i like pre-wrap!! i use 4 my head bands and i go and donate some once every month so other people can wear it!! i think its the head band of the year!!!!!!! <3 :)

  337. Soph Spangler Says:

    I Love pre~wrap! Its like one of the most important things to man kind. You can use it as a sweatband, headband, and an injury (like a foot sprain.) I use it everyday, it totally completes my outfit no matter what the style. :)

  338. Emily Says:

    I love pre-wrap! I have yet to buy in any but I barrow some from my friends all the time! I would love to win a free roll! Although, with the pre-wrap my friends gave me I have used it as an anklet, bracelet, and a hair band (of course)!

  339. Alexis Price Says:

    HI! I Love pre wrap! I wear it to mostly anything. Most of my friends have it too! So if i need some they give me a piece. But i have my own. My friend told me about this website so here i am looking at your website and it looks really cool! Most of the people i play against in games or somethig have it! Adn all of them like it. I like any color! I will spread the word!

  340. Sloane Says:

    I love pre wrap! I have five million headbands but over all of them i still choose pre wrap! :) AHAHA i would love to have another roll of prewrap because i dance almost everyday of the week and all of my friends have it you guyz are so pretty to ahah! i hope you pick me and i absolutely love your hair thyanks so much for putting this website up! from, Sloane

  341. Claire Says:

    my friends got me hooked on pre wrap i use it for everything i sprained my ankle last year playing voleyball i was out the entire season but i was alway in the team spirit with pre wrap haead bands and pre wrap under the tape on my ankle i recomend it to all of my teammates and to our compition it is easy to use and affordable

  342. Kat Says:

    OMG i luv prewrap i have like every color and its perfect for me. i play soccer, basketball and run track so it always keeps my flyaway hairs in place. im still looking for like the zebra prewrap but cant find it so i just brain white and black…for now….i love prewrap and am always looking to but more wherever i go

  343. Katie Says:

    Hi! This is how I use pre-wrap. I wrap it on my head. I use it as jewlery. I even use it as earrings!!!

  344. Lydia(: Says:

    I am seriously in love with pre-wrap it’s basically my bestfriend i mostly just use it in my hair for track and volleyball and it sure holds and in volleyball when w ehave breaks we braid them together like my friend has zebra,star,and basketball printed pre-wrap and another design i forget which on but wse braid them together my favorite is the zebra one i usually get my pre wrap from claires or dunhams but i found this website and though i’d check it out but pre wrap is amazing mostly for headbands,bracelets,braiding,ponytails,you can tie it on your shoes too it has alot of uses and i also like to sleep with my hair up so i sleep in pre-wrap but its amazing dude i love love love itt lol it’s da bomb for sure hehe. <333333 (: !

  345. Cassandra Hair Says:

    i am always looking for headbands for sports! recently, i found pre-wrap at a BIG 5 store in whittier california and i tried it out! now i use it every day! my whole life i have been using 99 cent store headbands (wich kinda look like enlarged rubber bands) that are preety similar, except thoose always slip off! with pre wrap, you can make it to any size that fits best for your head! HURRY UP BEACUSE IM ON MY LAST ROLL AND I AM RUNNING OUT!! thank you for listening!


  346. Taylor Says:

    Hey I love pre-wrap. I use it for almost anything i do…. Weather it’s playing sports to just wearing it around the house!!! I wear it 24-7!! I have all different kinds. I LOVE this website nad will tell all my friends about it(:!!!

  347. Teah Says:

    Hey I run xc and I always am giving extra peices out to all of my team mates our coach just started buying extra rolls so that we can get a peice if we forgot. I use my pre wrap for just about everything. I used it once wraped around my water bottle lid because it was leaky I use it when I cut my self on trees and bushes(which is alot!) once I forgot a pony tail and made a makeshift one out of pre-wrap. I use it on my knees when we run hills in xc because I have patellofemoral pain syndrome or runners knee. it helps alot. I have used it to wrap b-day presents and have also used some as shoe laces, to decorate flip flops, make bracaletes, and to decorate my locker. at school we use it alot. every one loves this stuff.

  348. Debbie Says:

    Just found this and would love to win a free roll. I have hair issues when I workout so this seems just the thing. Looks easy too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  349. Jordan Says:

    I love Pre-Wrap!
    I started seeing my friends use it when I decided that I should get some for basketball! I started off with pink and orange and now I have almost every color! I love how it never slips out of your hair and there are hundreds of headbands in one roll! It also fits anyone! I use my Pre-Wrap for sprains, headbands, and even for bracelets! When my hair gets in my eyes at the pool, I just use Pre-Wrap to tie it back :) Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL product ;) I loveeeee it!

  350. heather Says:

    well i use pre-wrap for basically everything!! i use it in my hair cause it makes a great head band. i also use it for all of my sports! i do cheer, swim, and water polo. i have to wrap my wrist to keep my veins from moving around(gross! also very uncomfortable). if i dont have any prewrap i have to put the take on by its self!! OUCH! it hurts soo bad to take it off( rips the skin right off!!=[ ). not only do i use it for my wrists and my hair, but i use it for my ankle, if i roll it doing some thing. it ALWAYS helps! not to mention all the AMAZING colors!! <3
    heather =]

  351. Chelsea Says:

    I use prewrap as a head band when i am playing catcher. I also use it for funky looking braceletes. I also use it to hold ice on my shoulder and thumb after games. It is the best stuff that has ever come out.

  352. Kate Says:

    I love Pre-Wrap. I use it for sports and for everyday use. Having long, curly hair can be annoying but by using Pre-Wrap I can keep it out of my face!
    Love it!!

  353. Athina Says:

    I use pre wrap as my signature style in volleyball and track.. It shows my unique style as well as my school colors it is a easy wY to piling hair back and a comfortable way to keep it back… I will never again go without pre wrap in any sport or activity.

  354. Lauren Says:

    i love prewrap so much!!!! i wear it every day! some of my friends were wearng it so i decided to try it out too! i love it for horseback riding because my hair ALWAYS gets stuck in my face!

  355. Mary Says:

    I use Pre-Wrap for cross country, gymnastics, volleyball,and softball. My cross country team and volleyball team are blue and gold so we all get decked out in those colors. We use it and look like ninjas and we usually all put some around our legs because that’s just our thing. In gymnastics I’m always flipping and moving around so my hair falls out of my pony tail and it’s a pain to have to redo it every ten minutes. Pre-wrap is great to keep it out of my face at practice. My whole softball team loves pre wrap and we are like a family so we make ourselves bows to put in our hair and use it as headbands. It is great to keep your hair out of your face especially in the summer. I love Pre-wrap!

  356. Sport Says:

    I us pre wrap in all different ways. ! It is so useful and practical because I can mix and match colors. It is also a very cheap way to show off my style… i love pre wrap!!!!

  357. Shannon Says:

    I love pre-wrap, its probaly the best thing i could ever use in my hair, i am on a seleted soccer team, the refs are soo strick you cant wear bra-ets so i heard of this stuff and now my whole team has orange pre-wrap and even my coach who is a boy has like 10 black, white, and oranges ones in his bag!I also use it for lacrosse. Im very active so this stuff is like my hero, i love it.

  358. Kelly Says:

    I LOVE PRE-WRAP!!!!!!!

  359. Meaghan Says:

    i love pre-wrap i use it almost every day for my basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. it really helps the hair to stay out of my face

  360. Marissa Says:

    I use pre-wrap for to tie back my hair when I play basketball. It’s so great that pre-wrap comes in an assortment of color, (I’m especially excited about the new white and navy blue!) because it became a rule that during games all accesories must match the uniform. Also pre-wrap is the best for taping up ankles or wrists because it takes away the pain when the tape is ripped off!
    I <3 prewrap

  361. emily rice Says:

    I love pre-wrap!!! I wear it everyday and keep it everywere…in my locker the car my gym bag and have some in a dorr in my bedroom….My hair is always in a pony tail due to sprots and other activitys so i always have pre-wrap in my hair. And my bangs are out of my face when i need them to be wich is almost everyday so.

  362. Kerry Says:

    I love pre-wrap. I use it in my hair when ever I play sports. Also, when my field hockey stick grip came off, I wrapped colorful pre-wrap around it and secured it with medical tape, and it worked! It looked sooo good!
    I love pre-wrap!

  363. Kelsey Says:

    ok,i just found a friend using pre wrap at out cross country meet. i asked i i could use them because i forgot my head band and pony tail. i used it and it worked great!!!!!!! i used to buy those expensive stayput headbands that never, ever worked. so, i used my pre wrap as a ponytail holder, a head band,and a sleeve holder. (our uniforms our shirt sleeved but long for a short sleeve) and it was 89 degrees out side and it kept the hair out of my face while keeping me cooler.

  364. Becky Krichevsky Says:

    I just have to say I found you girls by accident when you first started your business and I am so infinately pleased at the work you are doing. We use pre-wrap constantly. My 14-yr old is the queen of pre-wrap style in her hair and for wrist and ankle bands. My 17-yr old uses it as it should, as a pre-curser to tape so it won’t wrip off her skin! And my favorite, I use it for my dog! Poor pup keeps getting awful tumors that have to be removed and we have to replace her bandages constantly. With the all the cool colors, she is a K9 dream to all those other jealous pups with just plain ol’ white bandages! (Thanks to my girls’ dolling her up (all colors intertwined) Our pup is a Black & Tan Coonhound and she looks AWESOME with her injuries!) And we just got giraffe so Savannah will be all the envy! Thank you ladies! Much success to you both!

  365. Poorva Says:

    I have to tell pre that I live your prewrap! It’s a wonderful price and have the greatest colors ever :) I use pre wrap every day for school, sports, and my dance it really makes a great headband. Even though i have not ordered prewrap from this great site I plan to and it’s the cheapest prices! I really love your stuff.

  366. Elizabeth Says:

    i use pre-wrap for cross-country because we aren’t allowed to have clips or anything and i have baby curls and the are soooooooo annoying. thank you sooooo much to the person who invented pre-wrap!

  367. bcbrady Says:

    I use pre-wrap every day to keep my hair back during soccer practice and soccer games! I LOVE the lime green!

  368. Leah Says:

    I love prewrap! I use it whether I’m at marching band, wrestling, rowing, going running, whatever! It makes a great hair accessory and obviously works well under med tape!

    I’m also an paramedic and it does a great job keeping my hair out of my face at work!

  369. Bridgit19 Says:

    I love pre-wrap so much. I use it all the time. For Halloween I’m going to be a pre-wrap mummy with awesome bright colors!

  370. alex lilley Says:

    I LOVE PREWRAP!!! i use it for all of my accesories it is so much fun i use it for my hair when i’m to tired to put in hairspray to pull back my hair and i love bright neon colors and i just got a manicure done that matches my prewrap so awesome!! and i use it on to big of shirts that are really cute but to big so i pre wrap the tops and it fits perfect its so cool im 11 and im addicted to prewrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. haley Says:

    I love your idea. I have used pre-wrap before, but it is so expensive to buy in malls and stores. My friend just bought some and showed me yesterday before gym. I loved all the colors she had. No every day we have planned to wear pre-wrap that is the same color as our shirt. This website lets us do that. Some of the colors I have never seen in stores. I have never learned how to tie it without a knot and now I know. This is the best idea I have seen!!

  372. Emmasofia Says:

    I love pre-wrap. when ever me and my basketball team have a game i wear a prewrap headband and just in case keep a roll with me. prewrap really helps me with my curly and firzzy hair and all my flyaways. i order my pre-wrap form all the time adn its very cheap! I LOVE PRE-WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. Emaliyn Says:

    Prewrap is my most favorite accessories! i wear it at school 24/7 and have 2 rolls in my locker at school. Prewrap is and amazing invention! my 22 year old sister uses it whenever she has a lab in med-school! She says that it keeps her hair from getting in her way! i mainly use it for the same reason and its a must have for any sport! i love prewrap and i thank you for setting up an amazing website for prewrap that is reasonable! :)

  374. nyra Says:

    I just started using prewrap and really like it. There are so many cool colors to choose from and i love having it during basketball and volleyball games. I really love that you can get so many head bands out of just one roll it is easy to use and is great to have around all the time.

  375. Panny Says:

    I love pre-wrap! i have used it for so many things and i just love it. my whole frade wears it even the boys sometimes. lol. it is awesome.

  376. Hannah Says:

    I love Pre Wrap! I use it to keep my terribly messy hair that always slides in my face in place!I have those nonsliding headbands and they dont work as good as prewrap! I use it during my basketball games so I dont have to do my hair over and over again and after every game to ice my knee!;)

  377. Mari Says:

    I use prewrap to keep the hair out of my face when I play hockey. I took some to school and everybody wanted some, even the boys(hot pink goes great!:)It is soo useful and looks great with every hairstyle! I’m running out so please, please send me some more, I love it!!!

  378. hannah Says:

    Prewrap is awesome,i love to wear it to hockey and everyone on our team uses it! itfs even got to a point where you have to constantly duck to avoid getting hit by rolls of prewrap flying to other girls who need some!!Green is my favorite shade!

  379. kory Says:

    pre wrap is the best. whether it’s for sports, or just to make my hair look better.. ITS AMAZING!!!!:)

  380. Micky Says:

    Omg i started useing pre-wrap because i would like always forget to bring a head band, or forget to bring a hand rap to gymnastics/cheerleading pratice, and my coaches would get really mad at me, because my hair would fall in my face, then are cheerleading plus gymnastics christmas partie came around and are coaches made us huge stockings, and every one went around and opend theres and i went to open mine and it had just a ton of pre-wrap in it, and i never had m hair fall in my face at pratice agean, Thanks***(-:

  381. Micky Says:

    i use pre-wrap on alot cause i am really in to gymnastics and my hands rip on the bars, and i even use it for my hair, i use it for a cover for a band ade during gymnastics, and once me and a few friends where messing around with some and where makeing a dress, i love pre-wrap, and like use it all the timeeeeeeeeee

  382. aliyah Says:

    hey guys im just trying it out for my first time i just ordered a rainbow sorrted deal so im excited but it hasnt came in yet and yea i love it i <3 pre wrape/prowrap

  383. Madie Says:

    I started seeing EVERYONE wearing pre-wrap, and i wanted to have some! I would look at the website over and over wishing i had some $$$. Finally, one of my friends got some and let me have some. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It was my first time using it and now im obsessed. I want some of my own reall really really bad. But my mom said I have to buy it. And i have no money… :( So please send me some!!!! Thanks!

  384. Ana Says:

    I love pre wrap!! I was recently diagnosed with osgood shlatter disease (which affects your knees) and pre wrap really helps!! I use it on my knees (and in my hair!) for all my soccer practises, when i go skiing and when i have ballet class!!
    I Love Pre Wrap!!! Best thing ever! :)

  385. Lilly Whitacre Says:

    I usually wear pre wrap when I have my hair in a ponytail or a bun. I wear it when I play volleyball, softball, and track because it keeps my hair back. I hope you pick me!

  386. Autumn Says:

    I LOVE prewrap! I play sports and with normal headbands or even special “sport” heads bands, i feel like the need to always reposition it but with prewrap it stays in all day. I also use it if I maybe hurt my toe and to help, i use it to tie it to another toe to heal it! Prewrap: Best product ever. (also very cute!) :)

  387. Megan Says:

    I love pre-wrap because whenever i am playing sports I use it as a headband. Also when my feet hurt I put the pre-wrap inside my shoes so they have soft padding. I also use pre-wrap to put it in my hair like a ribbon and people always says to me that I look really cute. Also I use pre-wrap as a braclet to I just put it around my hand and tie it. The last thing i use pre-wrap for is when i get hurt i put it on where ever I get hurt and tie it or put ice on it and then tie it. I think that pre-wrap is the best stuff that ever came out ifi it didnt i wouldnt have used it for so many things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  388. Lexi Says:

    I dance. I live off of dancing and cheerleading and things like that. I used to get very annoyed with barettes in my hair and headbands would just fall out. Clips don’t work at all for my hair and if I put in a ponytail with my sidebangs it just sticks right up. I use pre-wrap because it’s great for hair and we aren’t allowed to wear tank tops for school so I use pre wrap and put up my sleeves. I LOVE pre-wrap….and you should…………..YOU WILL TOO!!!! :-)

  389. sylvie Says:

    this pre wrap stuff i pretty cool. my headbands usualy just slip off but this stuff actually stays in my hair

  390. Aahana Says:

    Hi! Today was my first day of using pre wrap! I needed it for a a school wide soccer competition and my friend gave me some since she saw I was having trouble with my hairband. It actually stayed on the whole time! Now I’m thinking of getting some for myself since this is really useful. I would use it for a lot of things. For example, I’m a fencer. When I put my mask on, my hair gets all messed up and it becomes really hard to see with all my hair in my eyes. Also, I heard that pre wrap is very effective on injuries for joints. I get hurt at times from a muscle pull in swimming or basketball or I get stabbed really hard in fencing, so this would help. Also, I have many blisters on my hands and feet so putting this on around it would cause some padding. I would also use it for daily wear since it looks cute and I’m a very active person who likes to run around. Thank you for making pre wrap and I look forward to buying your products!

  391. Meredith Says:

    I use pre wrap as a head band for gymnastics and it keep my bangs out of my face the entire 4 hours! also we use it to keep ice on if we get hurt or to put on before we tape our ankles or wrist, so it goes away pretty quickly. :D

  392. kusona Says:

    i love prewrap i use it during all my game which is alot

  393. Jael Says:

    I play soccer! And prewrap works so well for holding my hair out of the way! It great because if I forget a head band we always have prewrap (in our school color) in our med kit which we bring everywhere so I can always keep my long hair out of my face. I also love it for injuries! I once got a big scar on my ankle from athletic tape because the tape stuck to part of my skin. Now I always make sure to have prewarp in between all of the tape!!

  394. Andrea Says:

    I love pre-wrap! I’m involved lots of different sports and i use prewrap for all of them. I love to use it as a thin headband because i have short hair and it holds back flyaway hairs, i also have problems with my knee and it works great to wrap my knee with. my whole team uses it for our volleyball games and we all love it so much! i also like to use it as a ribbon in my hair or as a braclet, but i just ran out of my last roll this week so i really hope you pick me!! :)

  395. Alyssa Says:

    I use pre wrap for my hair as a heaband. i also use it to wrap it around stuff, or like when i get an injury in a sport.

  396. j severson Says:

    most excellent stuff; wonderful bright colors and prints! l.o.v.e it!

  397. Courtney Says:

    I’m in volleyball and until this season, I had never needed Pre-Wrap. 4 tough injuries forced me to discover this amazing stuff! Over the summer, I strained my Rotator Cuff. Being a setter and one of the better servers on my team, I had to get it better as soon as I could. My uncle (an athletic trainer) wrapped up my shoulder with Pre-Wrap and it was better four weeks later, the first week of volleyball, thank goodness! I rolled my ankle during practice and had to get a brace that made my foot look HUGE!!! My coach decided to wrap my ankle in Pre-Wrap then tape it with athletic tape, not only was it easier to move, but I didn’t have terrible marks all over my ankle. My other ankle, decided it wanted to be complicated and started giving me troubles. I wrapped that one up and now it acts up only once in a while. During the second to last game, something went terribly wrong and I badly sprained my thumb. Pre-Wrap was the only thing that let me play in the last game, Pre-Wrap and Sports Tape stabalized my thumb and I winced through pain and we won that game! I was setter, it was the greatest feeling ever!! I don’t use Pre-Wrap as a “Fashion Statement” like some, for me, Pre-Wrap is strictly for injuries. I hope I win because I ran out of Pre-Wrap and P.E. is coming up next semester and I need to keep my ankles and thumb taped…
    Best of luck to everyone else though!

  398. Katherine Says:

    I use it for gymnastics injuries like when I sprain somthing

  399. Helen Says:

    i love pre-wrap i use every day before i go running and to go to school. also right now i have a hurt ankle and pre-wrap works like a charm and i’m running out of it. i also like to use it as bracelets

  400. Morgan Says:

    i use prewrap under tape for injuries because i am super allergic to the adhesive in tape and i do get ingured often. i also use prewrap s a headband when i play sports. i go through alot of prewrap when i ply rugby and soccer because it tends to get riped out alot so i am consitanlly replacing it and i go through almost a roll a week with all the training and games I do. really need so more my rents are getting fed up with buying it all the time.

  401. Jenny Jang Says:

    I use pre wrap at my basketball,volleyball and soccer games.
    Pre wrap is my number one thing i would use to keep my hair up because Im those people with really really soft hair and if i use those regular headbands they just won’t stay up and they would slip right off but pre wrap it just stays on until i take it off.
    I use pre wrap for many reasons for example last Halloween my friends and I got pre wrap and wrapped it on our faces and dressed up as a ninja i was the blue ninja ( my favorite color ) and my friends were different colors it was so amazing and fun.

  402. Jenny Jang Says:

    I use pre wrapfor my sports games and also to decorate my room by cutting the prewrap and designing them into little bows or some cool shape. I also decorate my friends locker at school if its their birthday and they always love it! <3

  403. marilyn Says:

    i play goalie for lacrosse and i use prewrap all the time! its great for using as a headband because its so small and comfortably fits under my helmet and keeps my hair out of my face! im running out and would love another roll!!

  404. myst Says:

    Pre wrap is great I use it as a headband, braiding it makes it super cute, I use it as a jumpers knee band and tie it around my ankles to keep from rubbing raw when I run track or play vball

  405. Maeve Says:

    I use Pre-Wrap for all sorts of purposes. Other than sports, I fashioned Pre-wrap into an iPhone case for my phone, I used some to make a tube top and a pencil skirt, and overall as a basic necessity- much like duct tape :-) I dont think there’s much out there that Pre wrap can’t fix. Please Choose me for the free sample!

  406. lovurbeauty Says:

    I ordered the multi package of pre-wrap rolls this morning and about 5 hours later recieved an e-mail that my order was shipped out. WOW! now that was fast. I can’t wait to recieve my order. I have a salon in my home and I am looking forward to making these for the kids. I really like the look of braiding 3 colors together. OMG, I can’t wait. Thanks for the quickness of processing my order. I am looking forward to recieving it so I can play with all the possilities I can do with the pre-wrap’s. I look forward to future orders also.

  407. Karissa Says:

    I use pre wrap around my knees for a patella band when running ( I do cross country, indoor track, and outdoor ) and I also use it as a hairband. I love that it is really wide so it keeps all my flyaways down! Also, I use it around my feet if I get blisters. Pre wrap works so well!

  408. ami lalo Says:

    I use pre wrap for athletic and medical purposes. I use pre wrap in the lovely game of soccer aka football because it keeps my puffy hair in one spot. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE PRE WRAP :)

  409. Lauren Canty Says:

    I am absalootly obsessed with pre wrap i use it for lacrosse, volleyball soccer baseball track softball and basketball as you can see i LOVE sports i am soooo busy and pre wrap is my life i NEEEEEEEEED it.!!!!!!!

  410. Sharon Johnson Says:

    I have been reading about your Pre-Wrap product after seeing it on TV. I like to make jewelry and am always looking for new product and ways to make jewerly with it. I would very much like to win a roll of your Pre-Wrap to work with. It seems to be great for many uses. I am a retired grandmother always looking for things to keep me busy.

  411. Melissa Gutterman Says:

    I am a Keeper and love Pre-wrap. I use it to tape my wrists, to make hair ties and take up injuries (which i get a lot of.) I use a lot of Prewrap and am tight on money. A free roll would really help me out. Thank You!

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