Pre-wrap Gift Basket


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  1. Madi Edmonds Says:

    This is awsome.

  2. Alex Says:

    When I was 9, my soccer coach introduced me and the rest of my team to pre-wrap. We LIVED by it. She made a professional team last year and couldn’t coach us anymore… and as a going away present we gave her a gift basket… and a roll of sky blue pre-wrap.. because she’s going to play for Sky Blue FC. She thought it was the best gift ever… and because its pre-wrap… It definitely was!

  3. hannah Says:

    i love pre wrap. even though im not in any sports, i use it when i go to dance practice and when ever i need my hair pulled back. pre wrap is totally amazing!!! (;(;

  4. serena martin Says:

    I am now on a field hockey team and we aren’t allowed to wear bobby pins or barettes but we can were pre wrap and our coach prefers it so i always tie a bow at the top of my head with pre wrap and i have no hair issues!

  5. Mackenzie Says:

    i wuv it! it would be the world 2 get that

  6. Lauren Says:

    Love this stuff! Asked for the gift package for Christmas and I hope I get it :) It’s best for sports… but it is also great for just cute headbands, you use it for your injuries and it’s really soft! lovvve it

  7. Megan Says:

    I love pre wrap! I use it in soccer for my hair, when I have a injury, or to keep my shin guards in place. My friend (our goalie) also uses it under her gloves if she gets a blister or something! It’s so awesome. You have to try it!!!!

  8. Kate G Says:

    Omg!!! i just bought some like an hour ago at dick sporting goods and i absolutly ???? it!’s pre-wrap is way cheeper then dick’s so im about 2 buy like 23 rolls ove it!!! thx u so much

  9. Bridgit19 Says:

    The pre-wrap gift basket is soooo cool and i luv the awesome colors it has! Once i get my parents to get it for me, i’ll be able to have pre-wrap to match every outfit instead of having one color for everything.

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