Dig Pink

digpinkDig Pink is a Breast Cancer Awareness Rally being held all of October to raise awareness and funds. Every year teams help to make a statement by holding hundreds, potentially thousands, of featured High School and College matches across the country to help educate and raise funds to eradicate this terrible disease. Proceeds will go towards doing something significant and identifiable in the fight against Breast Cancer.

In 2008, $390,000 was raised by 330 participating college teams and 285 high school and middle school teams. The goal for 2009 is $1,000,000! Interested in participating?

Visit Side-out.org to get more information on how you can help!

In our high school, we did our first event last October. Honestly, we didn’t have much lead time since we thought about it late, but we pulled it together in about two weeks and raised over $1500! You can help! Our coach ordered pink uniforms since we plan to do an annual event, but our JVs tie dyed their shirts. We got pink socks, wore pink pre-wrap and had lots of pink goodies at our concession stand. We held a 50-50 raffle, which was a huge success. We decorated a box with pink wrapping paper for donations.

Side-Out makes it as easy as possible to do this. They have an event management brochure, fundraising ideas, and even a Team Web Page. Remember, no event is too small.

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