Basketball: pre-wrap as a hair control device

Rules Regarding Pre-Wrap as Headbands
-According to the National Association of State High School Associations (NFSH) Basketball – by Megan Fenton (copyright

• A headband is anything that goes around the whole head – not just around the hair (for example a ponytail holder/elastic/scrunchie)
•Pre-wrap is considered a headband, along with elastic strips/bands, or terry cloth sweat bands
• The pre-wrap color must be white, black, beige, or the main color of the jersey
• All team members are required to wear the same colors also – for example one team member is not allowed to wear black if the other is wearing the primary team color, or white or beige
• Headbands must be worn around the forehead or crown of the head
• Headbands must be made of a non-abrasive material – like pre-wrap
• If the athlete is wearing one color of pre-wrap, or other type of headband, their wrist or arm bands must also be the same color
• Items that are not matching or do not follow these rules must be removed before competition

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  1. Meaghan Says:

    i love playing basketball thats why i have pre-wrap im gonna order some from

  2. Alyssa Says:

    I play basketball and one of the girls on my team had one of those sweat band headbands and it kept falling out. I offered to let her have some of my pre-wrap and it worked for the entire tournament!! I have never heard of the rule where everyone on the team has to have the same color pre-wrap, though. Anyways, I love it!

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