Finally – White pre-wrap (really white!)

I know we’ve been waiting for years for white pre-wrap instead of that boring natural color.  It’s here!  It only comes in retail packaging, but white pre-wrap is white pre-wrap!  Finally!  Now you really can match your basketball uniform.

5 Responses to “Finally – White pre-wrap (really white!)”

  1. emily Says:

    i need pre wrap

  2. Meaghan Says:

    i could really use white pre-wrap it will look really good with my black hair

  3. Aubrey Says:

    Wait, how can we buy it? why don’t you just add it to the list of options? and same with the aqua blue.. i REALLY want aqua! does it come with the 15 rainbow colors pack?

  4. aliyah Says:

    i need some iv looked and now you have it yaaaahhhh it goes with my school uniform

  5. Kylee Says:

    i can’t wait to get my pre wrap! i’m just waiting to wear it to my volleyball and basketball practices and games!!!!

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