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When we first starting selling pre-wrap, there were hardly any places on the web to buy great colored pre-wrap. Now there are sites popping up all over the place. We’re glad pre-wrap is so popular. What saddens us are the sites that take our pictures, our words, and our ideas and use them for their own profit. We are teen entrepreneurs and have worked hard to create a site that is all about pre-wrap. Taking our photos to use on your site is NOT okay. The internet is a big place – play fair.

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Free Pre-wrap!!! Comment here and enter to win!

Fill us in…how do you use pre-wrap?

Tell us how you use pre-wrap and win a chance to win a free roll!

Yes, it’s true! Every week we will give away a free roll of pre-wrap to one of our fans! Never tried pre-wrap? Now is your chance! We know people are crazy about pre-wrap – this week all you have to do is tell us how you use pre-wrap and be entered to win a free roll. (Of course, if you’ve never used it before – just say hi here and let us know you’re interested!)

Leave a comment here and be entered to win. Don’t forget to leave us with a valid email address so we can let you know if you’ve won.

You will be contacted by e-mail if we choose your name!

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Announcing Pre-wrap Gift Baskets!

These pre-wrap gift baskets are perfect for sports banquets, birthday parties, and a fun surprise for your team! It’s a great gift for your out-of-state athlete and the perfect centerpiece for your table. Tie on some balloons and make it even more festive!

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The Easy Does it Diet DIY Frozen Meals

Easy Does It DietIf you’re like me, grabbing a Lean Cuisine is an easy way to control calories and portions when you’re trying to lose weight. As a mom on the go, sometimes it’s the easiest thing to grab when trying to fit a meal into a jam-packed schedule. I even tried with some success to use Jenny Craig but decided I could buy frozen meals in the grocery store much cheaper. The biggest problem? I hate the taste. I finally resorted to making my own weight-watchers type meals and filled up my freezer with containers of homemade food. Easy and delicious.

I ran out of steam, though. I’m sick of always making the same dishes. Until I saw this: The Easy Does it Diet. Fill Your Freezer With Delicious Home-Cooked Diet Meals. Save Money – Save Time – Eat Well – And Still Lose Weight. What could be a more perfect product? I can spend a few hours preparing homemade frozen meals, plus I don’t have to think of what to cook. I love cooking but hate the thinking up meals part!

As moms, we spend so many hours sitting on the sidelines watching our kids play sports. Isn’t it time to do something healthy for yourself?

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Pre-wrap Goes High Fashion

Think pre-wrap is just for sports? Think again! Check out ZOOZOOM Fashion Wars review of Araks runway show.

“Reserved, streamlined, and full of pastels, Araks is what the popular girls would wear at their summer homes when they get too old for their Abercrombie. Hair was teased into a powdery messy beehive. Rather than bees, this hive was surrounded by thin ribbon headbands. Hair was reminiscent of the pre-wrap field hockey players use to keep their eyes clear during games.”

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Skaters Use Pre-wrap

just got a really nice note from Victor over at Capital Ice. Since we’re not skaters, he kindly explained how they use our pre-wrap.

“For the ankle area which also needs protection against the hard boots (without the pads, I get blisters), the sleeves do not work very well; after skating hard for an hour, the pads will slip out of the sleeve. So I use the prewrap and the athletic tape instead. And it works very well. I’ve been using it for a year or so.

First I use the prewrap around my ankle, put the pads on it, then use more
prewrap around it. To hold everything tight, I use the athletic tape.”

He also told us how much he likes the story of how our business started and all of the colors that we have.

His comments touched us and just reinforces how much we love our customers. Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback. We really do love to hear what you have to say!

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Wordless Wednesday

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College Basketball Thinks Pink This Week

More than 800 college basketball teams are participating in the annual Women’s Basketball Coaches Association “Think Pink” initiative for breast cancer awareness. Players are wearing pink – pink uniforms, pink pre-wrap, pink headbands, even pink shoelaces. Coaches are wearing pink and fans are asked to wear pink t-shirts. Refs are even using pink whistles!

Why not don some pink this week – whether your team is participating or not. Got a game this weekend? Add some pink and show your spirit. Breast cancer affects 12 percent of women, according to the National Cancer Institute. It’s certainly hit home in our family.

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The many uses of pre-wrap….

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Ways to Use Pre-wrap – please add to our list!

1. Pre-wrap as a thin headband
2. Pre-wrap as a flat headband
3. Pre-wrap as a pencil grip
4. Use pre-wrap to throw away your gum
5. Use pre-wrap under athletic tape so that the tape doesn’t stick to you
6. Use pre-wrap as sleeve holders
7. Use pre-wrap to wrap around a large scrape or cut (like when I fell off my scooter!) that won’t fit beneath a normal bandaid or bandage
8. Use pre-wrap as a jumper knee strap
9. Fly fisherman use it – makes great wings and bodies for fly-tying.
10. Use prewrap as an emergency pony-tail holder
11. Tie up your posterboard – doesn’t dig like an elastic band
12. Pre-wrap as an emergency tissue
13. Underneath skates to prevent blisters
14. As part of your halloween costume (makes a great mask!)
15. To tie up your vegetable plants or mark colors of your flowers.
16. Make pre-wrap jewelry

Tell us how you use pre-wrap!!!

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Pre-wrap makes a great stocking stuffer!

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Pre-wrap makes the best stocking stuffer!

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