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Gift for a Coach? Check this out!

It’s the End of the Season – Give the Gift that Helps Kick Kids’ Cancer

End-of-Season Gifts Your Coach Really Wants!
ckc_springshirt_smNew t-shirt design for 2009

It’s time to pick an end-of-season gift for your coach. This year, make the gift special. Make a donation to Coaches Curing Kids’ Cancer. They’ll send you a great gift – a t-shirt, hat, or whistle – to present your coach along with a personalized certificate. Your donation will go to cutting edge pediatric cancer research.

I can’t think of a better gift for the coach that has everything!  According to Lee Corso, honoray chairman of Curing Kids’ Cancer, Coaches Curing Kids’ Cancer is a great way to honor your coach and to raise money for childhood cancer research. I fell in love with this program the moment I heard about it.

You can make a real difference in helping fund new treatments for childhood cancer. I’m urging youth sports teams all over the nation to join us in our quest to cure childhood cancer.  Your coach will love you for your generosity!

Childhood cancer research is in desperate need of funding. Just think what an impact we could make if every youth sports team in America participated.

As a coach – and a grandfather – I can’t think of a better way to help kids and honor coaches.

College football is a huge part of my life. I’m fortunate enough to be able to make a living talking about a game I love. But the battle on the gridiron pales in comparison to the battle going on in children’s hospitals around the nation. We must come together to defeat childhood cancer.

Join with me. Together we will create the winning team!

Mark my words: Coaches Curing Kids’ Cancer is going to be huge!”

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On Becoming a True Champion

If you are an athlete or the parent of one, you must head on over and check out Kirk Mango’s site and blog and sign up on his mailing list for his upcoming book Becoming a True Champion. He provides the foundation for teens to achieve their aspirations, not only as athletes but as individuals with good character. At a time when direction and inspiration is sought so desperately, this book provides the guidance they need to become true champions.

Champions-and championship teams-are made, not born. They use their God-given talents to reach their full potential and allow nothing to come between where they are now and where they want to be.

Champions understand and believe that their limitations are governed only by their imagination.

All real success and achievement result from your own choices, not those of others who may try to make your choices for you.

— Excerpts/concepts from “A Champion” in Becoming a True Champion

Sound advice isn’t easy to come by in today’s world of competitive sports. It’s refreshing to hear Mango’s voice of reason and willingness to promote personal responsibility in athletics.

Becoming a True Champion” empowers you by placing the responsibility for your sports training success exactly where it should be, with you, the athlete. No matter what goals you set, the path you choose, or obstacles you face, the basic principles behind true success will always be the same.” –Kirk Mango

Becoming A True Champion

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Another Goal Post Death – 8 year old boy dies in Phoenix

PHOENIX — An 8-year-old boy has died of injuries suffered when a goal post fell on top of him at the South Mountain YMCA in Phoenix.

Gabriel Mendoza died at St. Joseph’s Hospital within hours of the accident Thursday.

Investigators say that Mendoza was playing goalie and tried to swing from the overhead bar when it came crashing down and killed him.

This story is so incredibly sad. So much has been written about securing goals to keep our kids safe. Did you know that it was such a hazard? According to the site Anchored for Safety a gust of wind…a young player…an uneven playing field…In their current design, only 22 pounds of force can bring a 400-pound goal crashing down, injuring – even killing – a player. Since 1979, there have been 34 reported deaths and 51 injuries caused by soccer goals. While the short-term solution is to anchor existing goals, the long-term solution is most likely one of redesign.

Please…talk to your kids. Hanging on a goal is no joke. If you see a child monkeying around on a goal post, please put a stop to it. It could be a matter of life and death!

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The Easy Does it Diet DIY Frozen Meals

Easy Does It DietIf you’re like me, grabbing a Lean Cuisine is an easy way to control calories and portions when you’re trying to lose weight. As a mom on the go, sometimes it’s the easiest thing to grab when trying to fit a meal into a jam-packed schedule. I even tried with some success to use Jenny Craig but decided I could buy frozen meals in the grocery store much cheaper. The biggest problem? I hate the taste. I finally resorted to making my own weight-watchers type meals and filled up my freezer with containers of homemade food. Easy and delicious.

I ran out of steam, though. I’m sick of always making the same dishes. Until I saw this: The Easy Does it Diet. Fill Your Freezer With Delicious Home-Cooked Diet Meals. Save Money – Save Time – Eat Well – And Still Lose Weight. What could be a more perfect product? I can spend a few hours preparing homemade frozen meals, plus I don’t have to think of what to cook. I love cooking but hate the thinking up meals part!

As moms, we spend so many hours sitting on the sidelines watching our kids play sports. Isn’t it time to do something healthy for yourself?

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Groceries delivered to your door

Now Amazon has gotten into the act of delivering groceries! If your schedule is as crazy as ours, this is a convenience well-worth considering! You can sign up for routine convenient delivery of coffee, shampoo, laundry detergent and other non-perishables. Check it out!

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