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Navy pre-wrap is here!


Navy arrived this week!  In addition to the traditional royal blue, we’ve now got navy in our line-up.  Our high school colors are blue and gold, and we’ve always worn gold since the blue just didn’t quite match the uniforms.

The new navy is dark – almost black – but it’s definitely navy. We’ve also added it to our rainbow special, so now you get 15 great colors in one pack! I think the navy is going to look great twisted with gold…or braided with red and white!

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Softball Pre-wrap

Softball girls love pre-wrap and often buy it for their goody bags for Nationals.


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Pre-wrap Gift Basket


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Pre-wrap Photos and such

When we first starting selling pre-wrap, there were hardly any places on the web to buy great colored pre-wrap. Now there are sites popping up all over the place. We’re glad pre-wrap is so popular. What saddens us are the sites that take our pictures, our words, and our ideas and use them for their own profit. We are teen entrepreneurs and have worked hard to create a site that is all about pre-wrap. Taking our photos to use on your site is NOT okay. The internet is a big place – play fair.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Pre-wrap makes a great stocking stuffer!

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Pre-wrap makes the best stocking stuffer!

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