Our Pre-wrap Business Story

Telling the story of our pre-wrap business doesn’t get old for us!  Our business simply started when we wanted pre-wrap and couldn’t figure out where to buy it around here. We knew other girls had it but couldn’t find it in our local sporting goods stores.  We found some online and bought more rolls than we needed.  Soon our friends wanted it, too.  We ordered more and sold it all!  Seemed only logical to start a little business!  Little did we know it would soon take over our family life!

At the time, we were in 6th and 4th grade. We didn’t have great plans to be entrepreneurs. Like most kids that age, we just wanted some extra money to spend at the mall. Now we are 17 and 15, and our business continues to grow, thanks to our loyal customers and friends. We were so young when we started, we didn’t even use our own pictures on the site!