Ankle Taping Video

Ankle Sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports and everyday life, according to Matt St. Thomas ATC, LAT of The Perfect Workout in Avon, CT. "Specifically lateral ankle sprains, when the ankle inverts and rolls toward the midline of the body." Most often, one or more lateral ligaments are involved, along with various lateal muscle tendon structures.

Management of these injuries can significantly cut pain, swelling, and healing time. Immediate elevation, compression, ice and anti-inflammatories will reduce swelling potential. Immobilizing the ankle will limit any further trauma. Elevating the leg to a forty five degree ankle while moving the ankle in a pain free range of motion in all directions will also accelerate the body's ability to reabsorb edema and fire muscles that will minimize atrophy and neuromuscular interruption.

Supportive taping or bracing will reinforce the ankle joint, adding support during intense activity. This should be used as a rehab tool. Depending on the severity of the ankle injury, often using a brace (or nothing) for practice and only taping for games or the most intense activity is one way to let the ankle still support itself and get stronger, whereas taping for all activity can make the joint weaker as the tape supports the joint completely. now carries an ankle taping kit that includes pre-wrap, athletic tape, heel and lace pads, and m-tac. Click here to see our ankle taping kit.

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