Frequently Asked Pre-wrap Questions

How big are the pre-wrap rolls?

Each solid roll is 30 yards long and 2 3/4 inches wide. The printed rolls are 20 yards by 2 5/8".

Do you accept American Express or Discover?

If you choose the Paypal option, you can use your Amex or Discover.  Doing so will not require you to use Paypal.

Why does the white pre-wrap sometimes turn color?

Pre-wrap foam is sensitive to light, air, plastic, and cardboard.  Manufacturers have been reluctant to make a pure white because of this, but the demand is so great they have given in to our requests.  There is nothing wrong with the foam - it's just the nature of the product.  Keeping your product out of sunlight and  harsh conditions can help.

I noticed an odor when I got my printed pre-wrap.  What is causing this?

We noticed it, too and sent our pre-wrap off to a toy-testing lab.  All of our printed wrap is tested for lead and cadmium.  The odor you may smell is from the dye used to create the pattern and since it is shrink-wrapped immediately, occasionally gets trapped inside.  The scent will fade pretty quickly.

Do you ship outside of the US?

We will ship internationally, but unfortunately the packages are not trackable via U.S. First Class Mail. You are responsible for all customs/taxes/surcharges.

Can I have overnight shipping?

We can give quotes for overnight shipping but must warn that it's expensive. Please call or email us if you need an order by a certain date to be sure we can get your shipment to you on time!

Why is pre-wrap so popular among female athletes?

Because it works! Plain and simple, it helps keep the hair out of your eyes. And...the colors are fun. Check out our pre-wrap blog to see how others use pre-wrap.

Where are you located?

Pre-wrap.com -- 160 Oak St. #304 -- Glastonbury, CT 06033

Can you tell me where I can find pre-wrap in a store near me?

We had trouble finding pre-wrap in the colors we wanted locally, so that's why we started our site. If you check out our prices, with shipping included we are still competitive with local sporting goods stores. With the price of gas today, why not just order here?

Is pre-wrap the same as the thin headbands I see soccer players wearing?


Will you sponsor our team?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all of the requests for team sponsorship. If you would like to use pre-wrap as a fundraiser, many teams buy cases and can sell the pre-wrap locally for three times what you pay for it here.

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