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Hebron Teen Turns Hair Fad Into Global Business
September 16, 2008 By PAUL DOYLE; Courant Staff Writer
Tessa and Laura SmolinskiThe 12-year-old girl walked up to the bank manager and said she needed a business checking account because she was starting her own business. The bank manager stared in stunned silence at Tessa Smolinski. "But then she explained the business and told him what she was doing," Tessa's mother, Teresa, said. "She wasn't even old enough to sign her own checks." Click here for full story

Volleyball Magazine October 2008
On the Job: High School Junior Tessa Smolinski has Turned a Popular Sport Accessory into a Thriving Business

Most 12-year-olds are in seventh grade–still at least one angst-filled year away from that first summer job. Not Tessa Smolinski. She used her final preteen year to launch her own business, called Click here for full story

ESPN Rise Girl Magazine
Smolinski sisters onto something
Peter Keating March 1, 2010
Pre-wrap Entrepreneurs Tessa Smolinski's aha! moment hit when she was 12, after she came home from yet another soccer practice wearing a headband made of pre-wrap, the stretchy foam material trainers wrap around injured joints to keep athletic tape from sticking to skin. Nobody knows exactly when girls decided to start using the stuff in their hair, but like a lot of athletes, Tessa just liked that it worked. Pre-wrap tears off easily to make custom-length strips. Because it's just a little bit sticky, it never pops off the way other headbands do -- and since it's designed to protect skin, it doesn't rip your hair when you take it out. "It's easy to use," says Tessa, "and it stays in place." Click here for full story

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