Our Pre-wrap Story: Teen Entrepreneurs

Tessa SmolinskiIt's hard to believe that we've been in business for nearly 10 years! What started as a fun whim to get a great product out there (and learn a little) has turned into quite a business experience for us! Our story began when we were preteens. Tessa (now a grad student at UCONN) wanted some pre-wrap for her hair. Back then, it was hard to find. We went to major sporting goods stores and couldn't find a single roll. We ordered it online, but it was still tough to find. We realized that if we were having trouble finding pre-wrap, then others probably will, too. Why was no one marketing it as a hair product when so many were using it for just that? We decided to open a website where we carried a variety of colors - all the time. Even today, it isn't always easy to find the color you need or want. We know you want variety and we've done our best to get every color of pre-wrap available! Whether you need a couple of rolls or several cases, we're happy to be of service. Many soccer specialty stores, hair salons, volleyball stores, lacrosse teams, softball teams, pharmacies and retail stores choose us because we cater to their needs.

Laura SmolinskiNeed a quick and easy fundraiser for your team or your club? Pre-wrap is an easy sell. It's inexpensive and it gets the job done! It's also great to have on hand at high school games (we put ours at the table where we sell snacks and tickets), school stores, camps, and even party goodie bags! We're convinced that pre-wrap is the best headband around. It doesn't slip off your head the way other headbands do, plain and simple.  Many retail stores, sporting goods shops, and tournament vendors choose us because of our great prices, color selection, and service! We carry 16 colors, all the time and have a warehouse stocked with thousands of rolls. We carry a variety of prints, too. We love our customers, so if you prefer to order over the phone - give us a call.


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